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PUBG Mobile PublishedNovember 27, 2020
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Questions, feedback and requests! Contact administration team for immediate support! Don’t hesitate to drop us letters today!

PUBG Mobile Game is developing every day. We understand how eager you are for the latest update. The Game also changes season by season, regarding weapons, features or updates. Therefore, don’t hesitate to reach us by email if you have any requests relating to the game.

Getting to us is easier than ever within shortly filling in the form and waiting for an answer in no time.

Contact PUBG for further information

We have a professional team waiting to solve your problems within the website’s service. Not only claims, or reports on inappropriate content from the website, we encourage you to help improve information about by sending feedback. How do you want us to change the service or content relating to PUBG Mobile Game, drop us a mail!

We are here listening to you with the hope to create a fantastic and healthy website for all PUBG fans. All emails to us will get processed as soon as possible!

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Dieter is Administrator or Admin who responsible for the contents and posting schedule in the website. He takes charges of maintaining services here, and halting any faults in the system or misbehavior from users.


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