How to download a PUBG mobile emulator?

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PUBG Mobile is a mobile version of PUBG game and it can be downloaded for free using an emulator. A true fan of Battle Royale games won’t miss out a chance to try this one on their mobile device. The game is totally playable on Android or iOS devices. It features amazing graphics, nice effects, HD audio, realistic weapons, fair gaming environment, and many other wonderful characteristics.

PUBG Mobile drops you in a ruthless fight where you have to compete against multiple online opponents coming from across the world to see who’s going to stay alive until the very end of the combat. PUBG (Playerunknown’s Battlegrounds) was launched as a PC and Xbox game at first, now, it is also debuted on the mobile platform. Through over time, the game has earned a big success and captured more hearts of the players.

Some people are still managing to find some ways to download and play PUBG Mobile on a bigger screen rather than playing it on their own mobile devices. However, not all of them can figure out good ways to download it. No more worries! You can totally enjoy PUBG Mobile on your PC by utilizing a third-party tool.

You will be able to enjoy PUBG Mobile on the web browser, on mobile devices as well as on PC.

Download the real Tencent’s Emulator for PUBG Mobile

PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds (also shortly called PUBG) was a popular game last year! It follows the Battle Royale concept – a famous game genre these days. The mobile version of it has just come out earlier this year and it can work on both Android and iOS devices since March. In addition to this, you are totally able to try it on your own Windows PCs by utilizing a PUBG Mobile emulator, which creates a dispute with the PC platform that lets you trigger the use of mouse and keyboard. They are all crucial things helping PC players direct and navigate their characters through a lot of locations as well as build a good interaction with many objects, which is much better than people that have ever played PUBG Mobile.

Download the real Tencent's Emulator for PUBG Mobile

Tencent’s official Android Emulator is offered to everybody, and it’s called Gaming Buddy. This is such a useful tool for helping you practice your abilities without too many issues, and you will surely earn a huge amount of fun when playing PUBG Mobile game on your computer.

Download PUBG Emulator

Below here is the link of Tencent’s Gaming Buddy Emulator that you can access for free. It’s kind of simple and easy to download this tool. The installation package is 8.4MB in size. In addition, it will take you some minutes to finish the download of the engine and the installation of it. The lag issue may happen during the process as the Android game is still in the beta phase.

Click the link below to explore more about the Gaming Buddy for PUBG Mobile Download PC!

When you’ve done installing PUBG Mobile Emulator

PUBG Mobile Emulator gives a match at a frame rate of 60 fps. You are able to pick between HD, Full-HD or Ultra-HD resolutions, which completely depends on the display of the system. For the professional users, they can adjust the performance of the engine by choosing the suitable memory, processor, with DPI settings. There are multiple options, like Auto, Smooth, Balanced and HD display quality. Feel free to record the gameplay if you feel a need.

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The controls in PUBG Mobile are kind of simple and easy to master when you play it on your PC! The way you move, the way you shoot, it’s all identical to any native games. For example, if you want to assault the enemies, simply click the left mouse button. If you want to take a look around, you can use the mouse cursor. In addition, you can see some on-screen buttons, which is the same as the original Android version. You can play the game in a full screen so as to have enough space to find and slay opponents standing in your way.

Gaming Buddy Emulator is an official tool made by Tencent, therefore, it won’t contain any virus, and the link is completely safe to access. You can totally check it by running it in a sandbox.

Disclaimer: It will not come up with an unjust advantage against mobile users.