How to download and install the keyboard controls for Tencent PUBG on PC

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As you know, Tencent PUBG Mobile has become one of the hottest and the most expected Multiplayer Survival games. It’s already released with the free international version that can be accessed easily. The players are able to enjoy it on NoxPlayer for an exciting experience. Let’s take a chance to find out how to download and install NoxPlayer on your PC now!

Steps to install NoxPlayer

Step 1: The first thing you need to do is to download the latest version of NoxPlayer, install then launch it on your PC.

Download the Latest Version of NoxPlayer

Step 2: Go to your Google Play Store to download PUBG Mobile. This step is just similar to how you download the game on your phone.

Download PUBG Mobile Google Play Store

Step 3: Log in the game directly from your Facebook account, or you can access the game via Guest.

PUBG Mobile Facebook Mobile

Step 4: Now you start to install the keyboard controls for PUBG Mobile game.

PUBG Setting

PUBG Mobile Install the Keyboard Controls

Buttons for the movement: You use keys W, A, S, D to perform the movement. Adjust the size to be suitable.

Button for aiming: Pull the control down and place it at the center of the screen, set it to key V. When you press key V or click the right mouse, you will go into/get out the close-up/distance shooting mode. This is very similar to the function on PC.

Button for shooting: Drag it down then place it at the punching position. When you need to shoot or punch, just click the left mouse button.

Button for functions: Just simply press against the screen and set some popular keys so you can perform the in-game functions, like getting on your knees, crawling, crouching, etc.

To observe the surroundings, you just click the left mouse button, turn around with 360 degrees, or even change the corner.

There you go! The installation of the keyboard controls is done. You can use it in PUBG Mobile game, and remember to save the controls.

NoxPlayer also installed the specific keyboard controls that were designed for PUBG Mobile game only. When you launch the game, just open the keyboard controls and then choose the available keys, or you can customize them following your own way, then save them.

Note: In case you don’t see any available keys, just go to Advanced Settings, then reset it to be 1280*720. Go back to the game and you will see it.

System requirements for PUBG Mobile with NoxPlayer on PC

  • OS: Window 7, Window 8, Window 10
  • Processor: VT-x , AMD-V supported, or higher performance
  • Video: OpenGL > 2.0
  • Ram: 4GB
  • Data memory: At least 1GB for the storage space, and 1,5 GB available space.
  • Internet-connected.

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