Enjoy a new PUBG Mobile update! You can download PUBG Mobile 0.12 for free and check out plenty of amazing contents added to the game.

Download PUBG Mobile 0.12 new update for free right now for plenty of nee contents and features! As you know, PUBG Mobile released many updated versions, and this one is the latest featuring wonderful contents to explore. Your gameplay performance is now much better thanks to this PUBG Mobile update.

New features in PUBG Mobile 0.12

New feature called EvoZone was added

  • Event Mode feature was the predecessor of EvoZone. Also, other modes, such as Zombie: Survive Till Dawn, as well as other ones, will be greatly upgraded here soon.

Zombie Darkest Night is a new game mode that was added to PUBG Mobile 0.12

  • Different from Survive Till Dawn, Darkest Night Mode is way more special. In this mode, the players can only find weapons and crucial foods during the daytime, while they have to hide and fight against many hordes of zombies when night arrives. Also, the whole atmosphere outside at night is completely polluted.
Zombie Darkest Night PUBG Mobile 0.12
  • Zombie Darkest Night will affect the survival gameplay like PUBG Mobile a bit when players don’t completely focus on slaying each other, instead, they have to survive all the zombies by using various weapons and equipment that they have found.

New contents and changes in Survive Till Dawn

  • Zombie: Survive Till Dawn is a famous game mode, and now it’s totally updated with new kinds of weapons:
  • A new gun called RPG-7
  • A grenade launcher
  • More climbing zombies will show up. In addition, players will encounter jumping zombies. For the zombie dogs, they are way more dangerous.
  • The zombies can be constrained if you use liquid Nitro grenades to deal with them.
  • Jungle Mag magazine was attached for increasing the ammunition twice. You can only use this magazine for AR guns, and it will be found when some special zombies are downed.
New Contents And Changes in Survive Till Dawn
  • You can get the zombies stunned using Stun Grenades
  • The flamethrower will now inflict more damage.
  • In this new version, the movement speed of zombies will be slower if you shoot them using guns.
  • Instant messages for Survive Till Dawn were attached to the default and classic voice of the game.
  • It’s easy and possible to accomplish daily quests in Survive Till Dawn mode.

The color of the gun sight is now adjusted

  • By opening Settings/Scope, you are able to tweak the color of the sight at your will.
  • Green and red are the two colors for the gun sight.

Watch over the match of your teammates and friends

  • Once you click the icon to the right of a certain friend’s name in the list, you can easily spectate their match.
Watch Over The Match of Your Teammates And Friends

Unlock new achievements

  • Best Companion
  • Superstar
  • Winning Culture
  • Adventurer
  • Until Dawn
  • A Step Too Far

Download PUBG Mobile 0.12.5 for free

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