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About PUBG Mobile

On 09 February 2018, Tencent Games determined to open a new experimental stage for 2 versions PUBG Mobile in China. Come to our breaking news you will have the chance to learn much more about how to download and exposure to your favorite game.

After the successful first time, Tencent continued launch PUBG Mobile with two versions at once. However, it is limited in the Chinese gaming market. In addition to that, they will not support the English language. Fortunately, it is not difficult to master how to get PUBG Mobile Download and install the game. Just follow the guide below and you can start to play quickly.

About PUBG Mobile

The phase that you are about to join is very exciting. It promises to bring back to the player much more fun. Actually, it got a lot of positive reviews from gamers in many different communities from various countries around the world. In other words, you can see that it is one of the favorite games that people are really interested in. From that, you will realize the fame that it obtains. And, it can be considered as one of the top games. Finally, it is as hot as PUBG on PC.

The following trailer by Lightspeed and Quantum Studios will show you more details in battles of PUBG Mobile game. It is called Army Attack.

Both of two versions have experimented on two platforms, iOS, and Android. In which, Android will have the APK file so you are allowed to download on your device. Meanwhile, you are forced to get a Chinese App Store account before downloading if you are using iPhone.

After you complete necessary steps, you will engage a brutal combat.

Since the map and the graphics are basically similar to PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds PC, two titles PUBG Mobile will give you the same experience. But, A warfare at sea is added to Battlefield by Timi Studio. That change helps you and other persons can fight on land and water.

Download PUBG Mobile

Here are links to download two versions PUBG Mobile:

PUBG Lightspeed and Quantum:

PUBG Mobile by Timi Studio:

PUBG QR Code Download

When you finish tutorials, you will have to log in via QQ or Wechat. It’s time to prove your abilities and become the last standing man! Are you willing to meet up with aggressive strangers and destroy all of them? Just apply tips or tricks skillfully and you will reach the goal soon. Good luck!

Or you can download:

PUBG Emulator

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