PUBG Mobile is available for Android devices! Play PUBG Mobile and explore a completely different experience! Pick a favorite mode and show your survival skill!

PUBG Mobile for Android

PUBG Mobile is from the original Battle Royale game known as PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds. Actually, PUBG is a hit survival title. Now, it can be played on PC and mobiles including Android and iOS platforms.

The new version of PUBG or PUBG Mobile will be able to help you enjoy the match easily. However, it is very ruthless on PC. To join such a competitive battle on PC, remember to access Steam and buy.

PUBG Mobile is built with high-quality graphics and HD audio. Besides, the powerful Unreal Engine 4 will allow PUBG Mobile to create extremely impressive images with the best level of detail. In addition, the map of PUBG Android is really worth to try. Together with the 3D sound effect, your combat will become more and more interesting.

But, they are not all. Indeed, PUBG Download continuously expands the arsenal consisting of guns, melee weapons, and throwables, with the ballistic laws and trajectories which are helpful to shoot, hit, or blow up something or somebody accurately. Moreover, the anti-cheat system in PUBG Android will find and ban hackers or cheaters to improve the game environment and offer a fair playground.

PUBG Mobile 0.11.0

PUBG Android is frequently updated. Version 0.11.0 is the latest patch. Currently, you can discover the following features in PUBG Android:

  • RE2 (Resident Evil) Zombie Mode
  • The weather Moonlight in Vikendi
  • Personal Spaces
  • Push-to-talk Chat
  • The Sanhok map is active in Arcade Mode
  • Vikendi Weather Changes (Day, Moonlight & Snow), Enemy Footprints & Zombie Mode
  • And more