Here are the best 5 ways for those who want to get all free skins in PUBG Mobile game! Why don't you explore and share with friends from now on? Hope you enjoyed!

Top 5 ways to collect free skins in PUBG Mobile

PUBG Mobile Skins are interesting items that will offer another completely different look for your gun. Meanwhile, Free Skins are regarded as very popular things in PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds game. In other words, they will bring back a unique appearance for your firearms. Not only that, they can influence your mood. They are able to cause you to feel uncomfortable when you do not own something like everybody nearby has. Keep calm because we will show you how to obtain them!

Specific tips and tricks to get PUBG Mobile Skins without cost

It is the brief list that you can master when you play PUBG Mobile Download. It will consist of 5 main parts:

  • Achievements
  • Crates
  • Royal Pass
  • Friends
  • Participate in Giveaways


In addition to Flare Gun and Night Mode, The Achievements will be considered one of the most exciting chapters of PUBG Android. In which, you can gain countless rewards after you fulfill your challenge. They will be Gun Skins, Gold Coins (BP), Silver Fragments, Create a Coupon, Coupon Fragments, and several valuable Titles.

Many newcomers will not recognize which achievements are and where to possess them.

  • How to search for PUBG Mobile Download Achievements
    • Firstly, it is essential to get access to Missions.
    • Next, you can see the target on the right side, under Missions
    • Then, remember to finish requirements and they will belong to you.

Earlier Achievements in PUBG iOS used to be directly below the profile section. But, in the new update, their position is replaced so you can spot them faster.


To dress up the armament with PUBG Mobile skins, note that it is a paid method! Don’t worry due to accomplishing achievements will be helpful for you to receive the free coupon that is effective to open crates.

Crates in PUBG Download are handy only if you learn how to unlock a box without paying a penny and which crate to unbolt. There are various types. Some of them are really remarkable and the rest is common.

  • Where to discover a PUBG Mobile coupon
    • You can detect the coupon from Achievements, PUBG crate, soldiers’ crates, or events.
  • How to loot stuff in a crate
    • You will not get a coupon from achievements always. Sometimes, you will acquire its pieces. 10 fragments should be put together to generate 1 coupon.
  • Which crate you can uncover
    • Not every crate in PUBG Mobile Download will provide the skin for your gun each time you check them. Opt for a crate which contains the most number of skins and you can seize more opportunities to take what you expect.
    • A Premium Crate can hide 2 gun skins inside while a PUBG Crate will only have 1 and PUBG Classic Crates will hold 7. It means that you have to occupy a Classic Crate if you have had coupons.
    • Keep in mind that artifacts of the crate will be adjusted so that a crate occasionally accommodates 1 skin and irregularly has 7. Therefore, you’d better open the crate which keeps the highest quantity.

We will take a look at the third way in the current PUBG Mobile guide.

Royal Pass

Although people think that it is a paid system, it’s not! Once you reach the checkpoint in the PUBG Mobile Download Royal Pass, you will be granted free skins every season. Even if you do not add Royal Pass to cart, there are still a couple of skins that you can win. They are situated among rewards. Scroll down to confirm them! Be careful! It is crucial to claim them before the Season stops or the reward is modified.

You will earn some extra PUBG Mobile skins for guns and vehicles if you purchase Royal Pass when you have excess money.

Royal Pass


If you are a survivor in PUBG Mobile Download, attempt to acquaint with as many persons as you can! They will donate you a crate coupon scrap. Only request them if necessary by sending messages from the Chat function and ask them what you desire. From the gift center under mails, you can pick them out. Nevertheless, these buddies must hit Level 3 at least.

Participate in Giveaways

There are many dissimilar YouTube channels doing skins. As well, you can join the Royal Pass giveaway every day.

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