RPG mode in PUBG Mobile Warehouse 2.0 map pits players against each other using RPGs. There are some gameplay tips to conquer this fun mode!

PUBG Mobile RPG Warehouse 2.0 is a brand new game mode in update 1.9. There is a wide array of modes featured in PUBG Mobile. However, when a new one arrives, players tend to try it for a new experience. This is how the game title refreshes itself as well as how it keeps players entertained. So, below here is what RPG mode in Warehouse 2.0 map is about!

What is PUBG Mobile RPG Warehouse 2.0 about?

This new game mode brought by PUBG Mobile 1.9 update is about making use of a destructive weapon – RPG to kill one another. The battle takes place in the remastered Warehouse map. RPG is a kind of unique weapon that already appeared in other modes, for instance, Payload and Rage Gear mode. In the new update, players will experience it again in more epic matches.

Warehouse 2.0 is an updated map with a fresh look. In general, the map structure remains the same. However, the graphics and effects have been improved. The RPG mode takes players to the Warehouse 2.0. So, get ready to conquer it!

Tips to conquer RPG Warehouse 2.0

Before you dive into PUBG Mobile RPG mode in the new Warehouse, you should learn some tips to conquer it, especially the basic information about the RPG.

Melee Throw in PUBG Mobile New 1.9 Update
Melee Throw in PUBG Mobile New 1.9 Update

Different from other PUBG weapons, RPG (Rocket-propelled grenade) is a quite strong weapon that is not added to the classic mode. This could be because it could lose the balance of this mode. Hence, it will appear in a brand new mode without having an influence on classic matches. So, what should you do when you hold an RPG in your hands? Check out some gameplay tips below!

How to use RPG in the new Warehouse

  • It takes you 3 seconds to load up and every time you do that, you can only launch one grenade. After launching it, you have to run to shelter quickly.
Use RPG in the new Warehouse
Use RPG in the new Warehouse
  • Make use of two RPGs at the same time so you can deal with two opponents from both different sides.
  • Due to the power of RPGs, you should keep yourself away from an enemy that you want to kill. Otherwise, you may take damage from the RPGs you have launched.
  • Move quickly enough to avoid damage, even though you are just reloading an RPG.
  • When an opponent approaches you, just take one step back before you shoot them
  • There is a special RPG spawning at the center of the map. Can you go find it? Quickly take it to launch 4 RPGs before you reload.

PUBG Mobile 1.9 release date has not been confirmed yet. It may arrive somewhere in the middle of November. RPG mode in Warehouse 2.0 is the brand new element for players to master. Make sure you stay tuned to the update and remember to give this game mode a try. Hope you have fun playing this mode!