PUBG Mobile Zombie Infection is a brand new zombie mode added to PUBG Mobile game via 0.14.0 update. Learn all the facts about this mode now before you join it!

PUBG Mobile Zombie Infection Mode is a brand new survival mode added to PUBG Mobile 0.14. This mode is very interesting and has been drawing the attention of many gamers these days. It is very important to have a full grasp of this PUBG Mobile new game mode so you can have a better chance to win this Infection mode. All details about PUBG Mobile Infection mode will be exposed below. You can even learn some PUBG Mobile Infection Mode Tips & Tricks to win as well!

PUBG Mobile Infection Full Details

What is the Infection Mode in PUBG Mobile 0.14?

Infection Mode is also called infected mode that is introduced and updated to the Zombie mode in PUBG Mobile 0.14.0 after two modes called Survive Till Dawn and Darkest Night. However, instead of fighting against the zombies controlled by the game itself like before, now, in this new game mode of PUBG Mobile, players will be split into two teams: Zombies and Defenders.

Zombie Infection Mode In PUBG Mobile 0.14
Zombie Infection Mode In PUBG Mobile 0.14

The Defenders have to defend themselves from getting infected during the course of the battle, and the mission for the Zombies is to attack the Defenders, get them all infected and eliminate them out of the game area.

Depending on the team you are on, the winning conditions will be different. Especially, each team has different character classes with discrepant special skills. All participants will battle in the limited amount of time on the new map – The Lost Harbor – a very small and complicated map.

How to play Infection Mode in PUBG Mobile

Infection Mode in PUBG Mobile is more special than the other two previous zombie modes, which is that no matter which team you are on, the players will control it. Below here are the specific rules of this PUBG Mobile New Game Mode:

  • There will be 12 players joining the battle, and they are divided into two teams (Defenders: 9, Zombies: 3)
  • it is completely random to arrange players to either of two teams
  • Players will go through 3 rounds in total, each round will last 3 minutes.
  • The round will end when time runs out, or when one of the two teams wins.

All teams in Infection Mode PUBG Mobile

Zombies and Defenders are the two teams in PUBG Mobile Infection Mode. The Defenders team consists of 9 members while the Zombies team only has 3 members. By default, however, the zombies will have a faster movement speed.

Both of the teams will be divided in a random way. The teammates of the two teams have different abilities. Make sure you take advantage of your abilities and work together with your comrades to conquer the rival team.

About Defenders:

  • The human team consists of two types of characters: Defender and Vanquisher
  • Defenders use guns to fight against the zombies and are equipped with 660 bullets to shoot, together with 2 common sights (Holo and Red dot)
  • When the first 3 Defenders are defeated, the remaining 6 Defenders of the human team will transform into Vanquisher ( the higher level of Defender)
  • The Vanquishers are not armed with guns, but they can move flexibly and have high HP. Especially, they use machetes to deal damage to zombies.

About Zombies:

  • The zombie team consists of three types of characters: Speed Zombie, Stealth Zombie and Zombie King (HP buffed)
  • The zombies have an advantage in terms of speed. They only use one hit to defeat the Defender.

When can you win PUBG Mobile Infection Mode?

Each team has its own winning condition:

For the Defender:

  • During the 3-minute battle, they must kill all zombies and try not to get themselves infected.

For the Zombie:

  • Cause all Defenders to be infected as fast as possible and turn them into Zombies.

Some other notes you need to know

Team Defender:

  • If you are belonging to the Defender team, you should make the most use of ammunition that you have. Because there are many Defenders usually getting away when attacked by Zombies and forgetting that they have up to 660 bullets. If you run away from them, surely the zombies will outmaneuver you because they can run faster than you. More important, just only one hit from them is already enough to turn you into a zombie.
  • Remember that you must never stay close to each other when the match commences because you will never know which of the people right beside you will turn into zombies.
  • The gun can help you attack zombies continuously from afar. Try to create a group of 2-3 Defenders, pick the high locations or the areas that cannot be attacked from multiple directions. Then, you must concentrate on attacking your target and take turns to support your teammates when reloading bullets.
  • Make sure you also take advantage of the roofs, high-rise towers then attack zombies from multiple directions.
  • For the Vanquishers, they are able to kill zombies with just only one hit, nevertheless, you should not be too subjective. Just keep in mind that if your team has one person standing on the ground at the end of the battle, the victory will belong to your team.
  • The player that creates the most amount of damage will win MVP.

Team Zombie:

  • The advantages that the Zombies have are speed and high HP. Therefore, you should flexibly move and attack Defenders in a smart way.
  • Always travel with groups of 2-3 zombies to shield and overwhelm the Defenders
  • Try to use the Jump buoys to jump higher, ambush and attack Defenders in a surprising way.
  • Make use of your special skills appropriately.
  • Make an effort to eat the box on the top of the tower to become a Zombie King
  • The Zombie Kings have more attack power, and despite having a slower speed, they can still develop HP and resistance for other nearby zombies.