To become the best player in Cold Front Survival a new game mode of PUBG Mobile, you should not ignore tips that we will introduce here. Start to discover now!

PUBG Mobile: Cold Front Survival game mode has been released. It is recommended to try out the following tricks to climb up to the highest position on the rankings!

Best guides to take over the top spot in PUBG Mobile: Cold Front Survival

Download PUBG Mobile and play the game that you want, you need to find out tips of your own. However, you can save your time if you check everything below.

Come to PUBG Mobile: Cold Front Survival you will not only have to fight against other people but also must keep your character safe from the harsh environment.

The match in PUBG Mobile Cold Front Survival will be launched on a map full of snow. Meanwhile, players will land on a place similar to the Vikendi map. It is pretty strange and looks dangerous.

Therefore, you should evolve into a skilled survivor as soon as possible. Aside from that, figuring out appropriate strategies will be an important step to increase your survivability. Especially, both of them will allow you to occupy the position that you are longing to achieve.

Keep calm! We have a list of tasks to do after you drop into the Cold Front Survival mode.

  1. Collect wood

Actually, wood is always the most crucial resource although it is simple. In such a tough location, it will support you to warm up your body and recover your health. It is one of the PUBG Mobile tips and guides that you can apply when playing the game.

Collect wood

Hence, roam around the area and pick up enough 5 small branches to set a fire. Note that your HP will be reduced when it turns colder and the temperature lowers. After you gather them, go into a building to begin. You can maintain the flame easier afterward.

  1. Search for heaters and warm packs

Together with collecting wood within PUBG Mobile Cold Front Survival Mode, you are advised to seek those objects.

Search for heaters and warm packs

When you don’t stay inside the houses, you will know their importance. They are really helpful to protect you from the surroundings. Each of them will last for 30 seconds. Moreover, you can look for and carry a heater. They are great to boost your winning opportunity.

  1. Pay attention to something that has not been extinguished on the minimap

If you see a fire on the map of the new PUBG Mobile mode, it means that you can encounter somebody there. When the cold mode is switched on, you and everybody will enter buildings and shoot.

Pay attention to something that has not been extinguished on the minimap

The spark from the shooting gun may be visible. It will reveal your whereabouts on the minimap. Keep in mind that when that mode ends up, swiftly leave the zone or someone will arrive to eliminate your team. In another circumstance, you can rely on that sign to approach and wipe out the competitor’s squad.

  1. Skiing

As in Vikendi, a snowy map of PUBG PC, you are able to pick a snowboard and perform your skiing skill so as to move faster. Further, it is an ability that will not disclose your spot. Snowboards will pop up when you visit the region.

PUBG Mobile Skiing
  1. Control drones carefully

Along with the presence of vehicles in PUBG Mobile game, you can select and deploy a drone your way. Watch out! It cannot fly more than 300m from you. When you decide to use a drone, you are more vulnerable. Indeed, the foes can murder you. If you are the one who determines to drive the drone, you can ask your buddy to defend you at that moment.

Control drones carefully

Tips to get Chicken Dinner in PUBG Mobile Cold Front Survival game mode will optimize their possibilities if you recognize when to roll out. In order to up to date other instructions or breaking news, you can get entry to our site to learn more now.