Let's explore all of the best ways to stay alive in PUBG Mobile the game! Further, don't forget to become the winner in a crazy Battle Royale match! Good luck!

Top PUBG Mobile Guides: How to survive and win the top spot

How to survive and win the top spot
How to survive and win the top spot

PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds is a popular survival shooter game. It is available to download and enjoy on mobile devices. Aside from the PC platform, you can check your skills with PUBG on Xbox One, Android, and iOS ones.

If you are a newbie in PUBG Mobile, you may want to look up how to survive longer or even until the end even though you work alone or with a team. Don’t skip the following guide because it will show you the best hacks!

  1. Carefully select where to land!
Carefully select where to land
Carefully select where to land

It is considered the first tip to survive within PUBG Mobile and win a Battle Royale. If you master it, you can exist around hap an hour or more.

As usual, players often choose the area in which they are able to loot a lot of items and evade other people as far as possible. There are a few places that contain powerful weapons with armor, for example, Military Base, Power Plant, Major Towns on Erangel, etc. Note! Your opponents can gather at the same time. Pay attention to groups of others moving to a single region and stay away from territories like the plague!

Similar to that, it’s highly recommended to pinpoint a safe enough location to drop into PUBG Mobile game! You can choose buildings that are displayed as white blocks on the minimap. When you cannot find one, you can parachute early and head to a decent landing zone. Use the time while you are in mid-air smartly!

  1. Loot first and shoot afterward
Loot first and shoot afterward
Loot first and shoot afterward

With PUBG Mobile tips and tricks about landing, you will be supported with collecting objects on the ground or anywhere on the map. It is an essential step that characters usually do after they can walk.

Important stuff will be scattered around buildings, alongside supply crate drops. The second type will include the most found-after armaments such as the sniper rifle.

The most crucial loot in the initial phase of PUBG Mobile Download will consist of a half-decent weapons, ammunition, and some suitable armor, a backpack upgrade up to Level 3. Beforaists and the frying pan!

The armor is helpful to defend your body from taking damage. As the backpack, the armor reserved for the head and the body parts will be classified from Level 1 to 3. However, it is not easy to obtain a Level 3 armor as it is pretty rare. Obviously, you can seek Level 2 armor first.

Play PUBG Mobile online and you will recognize that the First aid kits can be picked up easily. Don’t ignore bandages, painkillers, and so on!

Throwables in the game are really interesting later. They are great to attack or distracts when the number of players decreases.

attack or distracts when the number of players decreases
attack or distracts when the number of players decreases
  1. Only fire in the range!

It’s a useful way that you can witness in other PUBG Mobile guides. It’s actually vital when it can save you from deadly situations. If you want to be the ultimate man at the end of the battle, please memorize the current tip!

Determine when to lurk and when to surprise the challenger! Nevertheless, don’t shoot any PUBG Mobile weapons unless you know your firearm is capable of knocking down the target!

Shotguns and SMGs are amazing for up-close burst damage while Assault Rifles and Pistols will promote their effects for mid-range matches. Sniper Rifles are good for long-range. Tommy Gun is quite formidable to destroy somebody at a distance. Meanwhile, your position will be revealed in a wink. Opt for attachments to extend the range of your weapons. Don’t carry two guns that will finish the identical purpose!

  1. Watch over the map!

Download PUBG Mobile and learn about the layout of certain provinces on the playfield! Additionally, keep an eye on the minimap together with shrinking playable zones!

The safest one lies within The Circle. It is a ring that will diminish in size at specific periods during a stage. You will die if you stay outside the circle for a long time.

Watch over the map
Watch over the map

Each new circle will be seen with a white outline. In case you follow the map regularly, you will realize where to move next quickly. In the late chapter, it’s necessary to rush or you cannot keep your player away from death. It is one of the most valuable tips and tricks to survive in PUBG Mobile and win a Battle Royale.

The minimap of PUBG Mobile game can give you some clues from the gunfire released by someone. You will seize more opportunities to approach and remove the prey.

  1. Driving is faster than walking

If you are a player in PUBG Mobile or PUBG Mobile Lite and you are looking for somehow to get close to the district you expect or flee rapidly, think of using a vehicle!

Driving is faster than walking
Driving is faster than walking

Cars and other means in-game are distributed across maps. They frequently appear close by big cities and on the main roads. Be careful! You can be killed when you are trying to control them.

To zip to the next play area in PUBG Mobile PC, you can pick a motorcycle or a buggy. Larger vehicles like the jeep can transport up to four players and protect them. As the gunfire, the noise that they emit while moving will attract your adversary.

PUBG Mobile PC
  1. Hide and spy!

BATTLEGROUNDS like PUBG Mobile or PUBG will stop with a tiny clan of fighters lying on the ground with a hope that somebody else will pop their head up so they can gain headshots. Make sure you are not aimed! Further, watch your back and block everybody from attacking you from behind!

Hide and spy
Hide and spy

As in PUBG PC, there are countless spots to cover, for instance, rocks and the walls, once you go out! From those corners, you can peek everyone around after you access the Settings – Basic Menu – Enable Peek&Fire.

Remap the buttons if you need them! You are offered three presets for General and Vehicle controls. To improve them, visit the Customize section!

  1. Communicate with teammates!
Communicate with teammates
Communicate with teammates

With Solo, PUBG Mobile provides other fantastic game modes where you can launch combat with squadmates or a friend. It’s more exciting to plan and act with them!

It’s safer to begin an assault in numbers than splitting!

Most of the aspects inside PUBG games will alter in co-op. Storming somebody in numbers will be not as risky as dividing up. Attempt to keep a little distance from the friends from time to time to outsmart the other side and get an edge over them.

You can utilize the speakers and microphones that assist the native voice chat. Besides, it’s feasible to single out the favorite language. If you play PUBG Mobile Download with some buddies, you can decide on voice and chat apps like Discord. Don’t pass over the game’s built-in quick chat feature to send messages like “I’ll cover you” or “Enemies ahead”!

  1. Understand PUBG Mobile maps!
Understand PUBG Mobile maps
Understand PUBG Mobile maps

PUBG Mobile maps are not strange for fans of PUBG PC. To increase the chance to be the winner, you should dig deeper into spawn points of weapons and power-ups on each one. In addition to unique equipment, you will find the most appropriate hiding places.

  1. Get more rewards with the Royale Pass

PUBG Mobile Royale Pass will bring back plenty of valuable rewards when you engage in events, complete them, and rank up.

The basic version of the Royale Pass is free whilst the Elite one will cost the premium currency, UC. You can connect to a more expensive edition called Elite Pass Plus. It will grant 25 ranks and some goodies immediately.

  1. Join PUBG Mobile on an emulator

There is an official PUBG Mobile PC emulator launched in 2018. You can play the game with the same experience as on the mobile version but with the mouse and the keyboard.

Join PUBG Mobile on an emulator
Join PUBG Mobile on an emulator

In fact, it’s completely free to get Tencent Gaming Buddy that can run on much less strong machines.

Top 10 tips & tricks to survive in PUBG Mobile and win a Battle Royale are ready to lead you or your squad to the final victory. Are you willing to jump into the battlefield and dominate the Chicken Dinner with them? Please share your tactics with everybody here by leaving a comment!