Did you fail to download PUBG Mobile on Android devices? Don’t worry! Let’s check out three useful ways to fix this problem and you can get it on your device.

There is no denying that PUBG Mobile is one of the best Battle Royal survival games for Android and iOS devices. The attraction of the game is way too much, making it the most popular mobile app game in lots of countries. The game even becomes a standard app for lots of people before making a decision on what phone they should buy. Furthermore, PUBG Mobile is also regarded as an experiment because of 5 levels of graphics settings, from Smooth to Ultra HD.

PUBG Mobile

Nevertheless, there are many people stating that they couldn’t search for PUBG Mobile in the search bar on Google Play Store, and they thought that the game was already removed from Google Play Store. These people tried to delete the old file of the game then re-download it in order to restrict the capacity that is too large and goes beyond ROM of the device. Some people are still able to find the game on Google Play, but some can’t. The community has shared a lot of methods of typing the keywords in the search bar, but this didn’t work.

There were also some rumors saying that Tecent removed PUBG Mobile out of Google Play to limit the cheaters and hackers, but these rumors were too ridiculous to be true. If you are experiencing this issue, you shouldn’t get anxious too much as there are some simple ways for you to download the game on your Android device.

You are highly recommended to check other resources, like APKpure or Galaxy App.  If you are using an Android device, you can still download XAPK file or APK easily then start the installation.

3 useful ways to fix PUBG Mobile download failure

On CH Play

There are several simple and useful ways for you to download PUBG Mobile online easily. It’s up to you to choose the Android operating system or APK.

  • Option 1: Visit the homepage of PUBG Mobile game at here. There are three choices for downloading the game, including iOS, Android and APK.
  • Option 2: The players playing PUBG Mobile Global on smartphones powered by Android can go to APKpure to download PUBG Mobile. Click here to download it.
  • Option 3: Samsung users can get access to Galaxy Apps Store to download PUBG Mobile Global.

At the moment, Samsung is a partner of Tencent in multiple occurrences relating to not only PUBG Mobile but also other games. With some options mentioned above, players don’t have to be anxious about if they can find PUBG Mobile on Google Play or not.