We have the full list of the 4 best throwables that you are recommended to carry when playing PUBG Mobile with multiple strong enemies. Remember to check them!

Do not forget 4 best throwables in PUBG Mobile!

After you choose an appropriate zone in PUBG Mobile game to parachute and land onto, you will have to rapidly search for good weapons and supplies. Collecting these available resources will allow you to improve your own survival or winning ability. However, equipping yourself will not stop there. Aside from the guns, loads of ammunition and the full health that you possess, you can upgrade that chance significantly if you carry some small bombs. They should be necessary throwables which must be stocked in your backpack.

Those who gear up themselves with the strongest guns when joining a map of PUBG Download can be still killed by an ambusher. It is the cause that you will be advised to move the following objects with you. Place them in bags and you can make a greater plan which helps you turn into the last man staying alive.

  1. Grenades

Grenades will be one of the most powerful throwable tools. You do not skip them in case you are facing a group of aggressive foes. If you have ever engaged in common scripts, you will find that they are really good at eliminating more than one target. So, the amount of time to arrange the succeeding assault and charge will be increased much more.

Whilst you are playing PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds Android by yourself, grenades will become effective after you know the spot that some guys are hiding but not able to perform an accurate shot. If you are successful in causing heavy damage to the prey, you can complete the next steps to remove them.

  1. Smoke Grenades
Smoke Grenades

Smoke grenades in PUBG iOS are considered important pieces in an effort to keep your character safe from an onslaught. If you are a member of a squad, you can conceal from the enemy’s view by throwing a smoke grenade. It is useful to hide or recover a teammate! Actually, you can escape the sight of somebody hostile and look for where to cover in a wink even if you are alone.

  1. Zombie Grenade
Zombie Grenade

Zombie grenades are the most formidable throwables in PUBG mobile download for pc while they are the newest addition. The EvoGround showed them on two Zombie modes and they can dish out many corpses at once. How about testing them after reading the post?

But, they have one disadvantage that is the impact. When you toss a smoke grenade in PUBG mobile pc Tencent, you can inflict damage to your companion if they are nearby. It will reduce his health if he interacts with that explosion. It is crucial that those grenades must be aimed at zombies and thrown rightly.

  1. Stun Grenade
Stun Grenade

Stun grenades are not highly appreciated in PUBG Download. But, they are one of the gears that you do not ignore when you will fight in a crowded region, specifically in a city. Stun grenades are excellent to blind the other opponents before you kick them off the battlefield.

They have another benefit which revolves around influencing on zombies. They will slow down them and you will get more time to restore your HP or slay them.