5 Best Maps in PUBG Mobile Game

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Ranking 5 top maps in PUBG Mobile

Ranking 5 Top Maps in PUBG Mobile

PUBG Mobile is an addictive survival game which has recently offered a short list of 5 best maps during the last six seasons. They are also playfields that most players love. We will show some opinions related to these regions so you can follow and discuss, along with their cons and pros.

You should know that after you download and install PUBG Mobile, maps will be divided into 2 types in different Modes given by the game. For the Classic room, PUBG Download will contain Erangel, Miramar, Sanhok and Vikendi. As well, you can find a Zombie mode which is sorted like EvoGround which is regarded as the shelter of two undead realms including Zombie: Darkest Night and Survive Till Dawn II. Despite they are basically Erangel, it has the specific gameplay that allows them to appear in our collection.

5. Vikendi

Vikendi In PUBG Mobile

Vikendi is the latest battleground in PUBG Mobile Classic. It is a land which is covered with snow. In which, you will have the chance to check out the interesting Christmas update as a Northern resort island on the Adriatic Sea. It is currently gettable on PS4 and Xbox since the release date in Jan 2019.

PUBG Mobile Vikendi owns 3 kinds of weather: day, snow, and moonlight. If you dress up the Snow Ghillie suit, you can avoid being detected when you stay on large stretching areas. So, Vikendi is ranked as one of the finest maps for the people who expect to camp after they have necessary loot. Furthermore, there are many snow bikes and snowmobiles.

Not only that, it is possible to get entry to a hidden cave when you enjoy PUBG Mobile game on Vikendi. It is in the Northeastern and surrounded by mountains. To conquer it, you’d better equip yourself enough. It is an appealing destination although it is not simple to see it from a high spot.

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4. Zombie: Darkest Night

The battlefield of PUBG iOS is presented in an update in April 2019. Welcome to another more dangerous territory as Zombie: Darkest Night, increasing the cruel level especially when facing monsters. Watch out! The air full of toxic gas can kill you before somebody shoots down you. Do not forget to search for a safe room in a house nearby rapidly after the timer is activated for the arrival of the Tyrant.

Zombie: Darkest Night

In addition to stronger corpses, you can encounter weird dogs. The distinctive lobby of Zombie: Darkest Night in PUBG Android is a remarkable part. Players often eject from the airplane and hit the place they have chosen. Nevertheless, in Zombie: Darkest Night, they will be located in dissimilar zones and they are fenced within a blue circle. When the challenge is begun, that item will create a hint to pick up weapons faster.

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