Here are 5 pieces of proof that you can use to say that PUBG Mobile game is superior to Garena Free Fire in 2020. Let's start to discover all of them right now!

Why PUBG Mobile attracts mores players than Fire Fire of Garena?

Why PUBG Mobile attracts mores players than Fire Fire of Garena
Why PUBG Mobile attracts mores players than Fire Fire of Garena

Tencent Games, the company where PUBG Mobile the game is produced, has recently revealed that it earned a huge amount of money while almost persons from around the world were locked and forced to spend their time on phones more while Coronavirus disease raged.

At that moment, Garena, a Singaporean digital services company, also stated that its popular Battle Royale game Free Fire had collected up to 80 million users in just one day.

Meanwhile, PUBG Mobile still continues to maintain such high popularity when games like Free Fire are gaining lots of followers. To understand the reason why PUBG Mobile is superior to Free Fire or tournaments involved in PUBG Mobile are more meaningful and prizes are being looked for more, you can check the answer below.

5 features make PUBG Mobile is more beloved than Free Fire

In these years, PUBG Mobile, a mobile version of PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds, has become a favorite game of a large number of men and women. The following abilities will help you know much more about it and the opponent.

  1. PUBG Mobile owns more authenticity

In case you have ever seen or experienced the game PUBG Mobile Download, you will believe how realistic it is. PUBG on mobile looks like that. Every corner in-game will make you feel that they are real.

super sharp graphics - RTX 2060 (Erangel Map)
super sharp graphics – RTX 2060 (Erangel Map)

PUBG Mobile has super sharp graphics – RTX 2060 (Erangel Map). As in PUBG PC, there is a map called Erangel. It is designed as a location in reality. Not only that, you can find out the same thing for Miramar, Sanhok, and Vikendi of Fourex, the newest playfield leaked in the newest coming update. Each of them will provide different states.

In addition to maps, PUBG Mobile Download Hack offers various powerful weapons. They are not used to decorate. They exist in the real world and their design is identical to the original.

Besides, PUBG Mobile weapons will be equipped with dissimilar stats. Recoil, firing rate, and even damage can describe the true level when you deploy them. Amongst weapons, Desert Eagle is selected to be an outstanding gun – a formidable pistol in PUBG.

  1. PUBG Mobile does not have Pay-To-Win as Free Fire
PUBG Mobile weapons
PUBG Mobile weapons

Play PUBG Mobile online and you will be able to explore a game in which you should optimize your skills wisely. Further, you can improve the outer layer of items by using skins that can be purchasable.

Obviously, those skins are not useful to defeat somebody in-game effectively. Along with the entertainment aspect, it will not cause any damage or reduce the recoil and increase the firing rate. All of them are only chosen to ornament your equipment.

  1. PUBG Mobile gives plenty of interesting game modes

PUBG Mobile game modes always bring back an exciting selection and you can test them at any time you want. They are not just for fun because they indirectly aid you to improve your shooting ability and figure out unique tactics. With Classic, you can try out Team Deathmatch, Solo, and more. It is an important element to avoid being bored.

  1. PUBG Mobile has a more helpful rankings system than Free Fire
PUBG Mobile has a more helpful rankings system than Free Fire
PUBG Mobile has a more helpful rankings system than Free Fire

It is one of the crucial factors that revolved around the comparison between PUBG Mobile and Free Fire. PUBG Mobile is a game that is fair in classifying groups of ranks.

It will be determined, depending on the server and the quantity of the player modes. Therefore, you can clearly see statistics that show your possibilities.

If you often play Solo, the rankings system will be changed so as to fit the Solo mode with no influencing the Duo or Squad. Hence, you can check your progress and pick out the mode that you are excellent at completing it.

  1. PUBG Mobile has numerous more distinctive and exclusive products

PUBG Mobile is a survival game that usually works with big brands, for example, Resident Evil 2, Angry Birds, Godzilla, or BAPE. It allows PUBG Mobile to generate special skins and prizes that are launched in collaboration events.

The reason why PUBG Mobile is preferred to Free Fire has been proved. If you search for other points, you can share your ideas with everybody here by leaving comments. Have fun!