BOT is the term to call the name of the AI. They appear in PUBG Mobile. It is easy to learn about them and how to realize those characters during the match now!

Everything about BOT in PUBG Mobile

BOT PUBG Mobile will pop up with a huge number within matches. “What are they?” and “How to find out them in the game?” Every question will be answered right here.


What is BOT in PUBG Mobile game?

For PUBG Mobile, a game based on PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds, BOTs are launched to bring back a balance for amateur fights. Their existence is helpful when they help new players acquaint with the mechanics of PUBG Mobile. Furthermore, the role and characteristics of BOT PUBG Mobile are important. Bots are able to lure cheaters so they will fall into traps. Obviously, they will be punished after that.

Play PUBG Mobile Download game with Bots you will see that they are also called the AI (artificial intelligence). They are pre-programmed and they are controlled by the computer. Their possibility is sometimes inferior to the player or higher, depending on the setting level of the developer.

They will not own any teams and they are capable of shooting at every other character that they have searched for in-game. At any time you connect to PUBG Mobile, you can observe Bots amongst 100 joiners.

How to recognize PUBG Mobile BOTS

Here is how to distinguish PUBG Mobile bots and the rest.

  1. BOTs will never hide or jump

It is the first sign that you can pay attention to if you want to look for their presence. No matter what you perform, they will not protect themselves when they are attacked by somebody. They always have very strange actions. Moreover, they usually roam constantly in a confusing way.

  1. BOT can be killed in a wink

Once you explore what PUBG Mobile BOT is and check the feature mentioned above, you will know that they will not act like a normal person. If your rival is a real player, they will immediately move to seek a hiding place and wait until they can revenge.

For Bots in PUBG Mobile, they even walk closer when you fire at them. With simple equipment such as a pan, a knife, or a stick, you can remove Bots without effort. They often wander around houses that contain only one human character.

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  1. Easy to bait Bots in PUBG Mobile game with the gunfire

Download PUBG Mobile and install the game to play you will realize that BOT will frequently head to the area where the gunfire is emitted. If you’d like to make a BOT exposed, you can fire multiple times at random and hold on until they come into sight. They will instantly spot the direction that you are shooting and quickly go to the zone where you ambush.

  1. Have unique costumes and good weapons

It is the fourth and the last key to hunting for BOT PUBG Mobile. They are normally dressed up with amazing outfits and equipped with powerful armaments. After you knock them down, you can become fully aware of them because they have no name.

Especially, they will not ever land on the top of a building and enter structures to steal items as a human soldier.

If you have recently played PUBG Mobile Free Download, you will uncover that BOT can be visible the most in Military Base, Schools, or around Airdrops. Possibly, they are designed to move there. If someone occupies a higher rank and joins Top 30, the chance that they can meet BOT is extremely low.

At present, PUBG Mobile is releasing a series of Ramadan-themed events, with plenty of exciting free rewards.

Questions involved in PUBG Mobile BOT have been finally solved. They offer an easier method to increase your experience point. If you are a newbie, you can encounter them to improve your ranks instead of facing against the other foes directly.