Experiencing PUBG Mobile On PC

PUBG Mobile is finally released worldwide! For those who have been dying for it, you guys can totally check it out on mobile and enter a combat to fight against numerous opponents from across the globe. The game is playable on mobile devices powered by Android and iOS. However, not all players own devices with powerful configuration, and if you play it on a weak one, surely the game won’t be able to run smoothly, which limits a chance for you to play. No more worry about that since NoxPlayer is right here to help you enjoy PUBG Mobile on low-configuration mobile devices.

PUBG Mobile On PC

Some first experiences on PUBG Mobile

There is no denying that PUBG Mobile is such a great game for now, and it has been considered as one of the most popular mobile games in some initial months of 2018. Nevertheless, exploring PUBG on a mobile device still has a limitation for some players because it requires an excellent device with the best configuration. If you own a Sony Xperia X, you won’t be able to enjoy it in a smooth way, especially lag issues happen too much. In a better case, you can choose an iPad Air 2017 to play, but this can’t be the perfect device to raise the graphics to the max.

In addition, there were several smartphones that were already used to test PUBG Mobile, such as Xiamo Mi4, Xperia X, iPad Air 2017, and iPhone 7+. Among of them, only iPhone 7+ succeeded in meeting the requirement in terms of graphics. If you’re not an iOS user or can’t afford for an iPhone 7+, you may have to find another way!PUBG Mobile with Friend

Solution to low-configuration smartphones

There is a great solution to the players who are using low-configuration smartphones and have a desire to play PUBG Mobile on them. NoxPlayer will be the best choice for these players at this moment. This is a software emulator based on Android platform on PC, enabling the users to establish an Android operating system on their computer and play the mobile game easily just like what they did on smartphones. NoxPlayer utilizes the original Android operating system, and it’s non-customizable, so it can run on most of the computers smoothly.

How to install PUBG Mobile

Some players don’t truly believe in the software emulators that help them enjoy them in a better way, but with this NoxPlayer, the result will be different when it allows PUBG Mobile to run very smoothly. When the players use the mouse, they won’t experience the lag issue. Also, NoxPlayer permits them to adjust the control buttons for movement, aiming, shooting, etc.

After undergoing some experiences, NoxPlayer was finally concluded that it could optimize PUBG Mobile up to 95%. All functions, like movement, sprinting, dashing, sitting, walking, shooting, etc., met the demand of players. The only small disadvantage of NoxPlayer is that the players must press key V before they start to shoot or loot items.Download PUBG Mobile with APK file

How to install PUBG Mobile on NoxPlayer

When you’re done downloading and installing NoxPlayer with the latest version, you can follow one of these two methods below to install the game:

Method 1: Download PUBG Mobile with APK file

Download PUBG Google Play Store

Method 2: You can download it from the Google Play Store (remember to sign in to your Google account in the settings section). Start finding the game, and once you see it, you can touch to install it.

PUBG Mobile on NoxPlayer

Taking everything into account, playing PUBG Mobile on NoxPlayer is such an interesting experience, and it promises not to let you down. You will enjoy PUBG game in a smooth way without undergoing any lag issues.