Features Making PUBG Mobile A Hot Battle Royale Game On Mobile Device (Part 1)

PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds (PUBG) mobile version has made its debut on mobile devices powered by Android and iOS. PUBG already made its first arrival to PC and Xbox platforms, but now the mobile users can also enjoy it on their own devices with awesome features and addictive gameplay. You will become a survivor trying to defeat all other enemies for a chance of reaching the top 1. You can also engage in a squad mode to play with your teammates just like the previous versions.

So why is PUBG mobile hot like that? This could be because of new awesome features added to the game. Let’s explore what those features are!

All amazing features contributing to the perfection of PUBG

A true perfect game for mobile devices

A true perfect game for mobile devicesAlright, no more thinking about sitting in a front of a computer with a big screen to play PUBG game because right now you can join PUBG on your mobile device anywhere anytime you want.

It’s kind of fun to parachute down on an island with the accuracy

It’s kind of fun to parachute down on an island with the accuracyThe place you decide to parachute down on in PUBG game can determine if you win or lose. In this mobile version, you are totally able to land down in an accurate place that you want. Also, you will see the flight route of the airplane that will drop you down at the beginning of the combat.

The position of the control buttons can be customizable comfortably

The position of the control buttons can be customizable comfortablyThe control buttons towards the target actually work! You are able to specify, aim and shoot at your enemies by just interacting with your touch-screen. This could be because the game is equipped with an auto-target orientation function which will attract your gun to aim at the target, also this is due to the customization control buttons. You can rearrange the positions of the buttons to suit your fingers if you don’t like the default buttons on the screen. Just simply touch the Settings button and customize your control buttons to make them perfect.

Motion sensor

Motion sensorPUBG mobile is armed with the motion sensor thanks to the gyroscope. It’s impossible to compare shooting on the mobile device with shooting on the computer, however, on the mobile device can be much easier because with the motion sensor button triggered, you are allowed to move the phone back and forth and change the angles very easily.

Auto-define target

Auto-define targetWhen you jump out of a house, the target will be defined automatically. This is one of the best improvements in this mobile version.

Auto loot

Auto lootThis feature promises to become one of the best features in this mobile version, and you will surely like it. If you are still an unarmed survivor, you are still in the search of weapons, armor, ammo or other useful items, you just simply pass by the items, and they will belong to you automatically. The looting skill will have a certain effect on the result in the game, so this feature could be considered as a bad idea, however, it worked perfectly in PUBG mobile. The game will auto pick the best things for you, for instances, a rifle gun, a better armor.

Auto lootAuto loot is truly useful and effective when you are digging for a giant loot box. Just wait for 1 second then it will supply you with everything you want. In addition, you are also able to drag and throw out some items if you want. You will find this much easier than moving between the columns and rows on Xbox.

Easy to recover

Easy to recoverIn PUBG mobile, you will find it very easy to heal your wounds and take a certain item on the ground thanks to the separate buttons featured in the game. You can’t do this on PC and Xbox, only on your mobile device.

Enemy detection

Enemy detectionIn PUBG mobile, when an enemy dies, he/she will emit an amount of green smoke which helps you easily spot them on your mobile device with a small green.

Intelligent map interface

Intelligent map interfaceAll in-game maps don’t bring much annoyance to the players in this mobile version. The map only covers a half of the screen rather than a full screen. Also, it is pretty much easy to manipulate with interactive touch control. If you want to inform your teammates about a location that you are heading towards, you just simply touch on the map. This way is faster than on Xbox or even using mouse and keyboard.

Fast movement

Fast movementFast movement is a useful feature in this mobile device when you have a long way to walk or sprint. You just simply slide your left thumb on D-pad towards the north to keep the auto-run forward until you release it.