Features Making PUBG Mobile A Hot Battle Royale Game On Mobile (Part 2)

In the previous part, you already learned some features turning PUBG mobile game into the hot and awesome Battle Royale on a mobile device. The list of in-game features doesn’t stop when it will bring more of nice features to you. Let’s continue to discover what they are!

Further wonderful features turning PUBG Mobile into the hot mobile game

PUBG game went through the best optimization process to be playable online on mobile devices

PUBG game went through the best optimization process to be playable online on mobile devicesIn this mobile version, you are still permitted to work with your allies and talk to them online via voice chat. You are suggested to use wired headset and Bluetooth.

When the battle happens, the invitation from your friends will be displayed in a pop-up form on any screen. Therefore, you don’t have to wait for it in the lobby. You can customize your own character or continue the combat.

After some tests, every single battle in PUBG mobile only takes up 8MB of data, regardless of using iOS or Android. So, no need to worry about 4G of data anymore (when Wifi is unavailable).

Facebook connection

Facebook connectionIf you use your Facebook account for registration in PUBG, the game will automatically add your friends to your friend list as soon as they register their accounts for the game too. This feature is very useful and smart! You guys are able to engage in a combat together easily.

Spectator mode

Spectator modeDeath is still not an end in the squad mode in PUBG mobile. With this spectator mode, once you die, you will still be able to watch over every action of your teammates. You can even use the voice chat to communicate with them. All you have to do in this mode is to watch the alive players play and learn some experiences from them.

Vehicles and weapons

Vehicles and weaponsVehicles and weapons are all crucial factors in PUBG mobile. There are numerous vehicles featured in this version, including a scooter, three-wheeled vehicle, car, boat, ship, etc. You will have a chance to experience them all.

Aside from the long list of vehicles, you will also get access to plenty of types of weapons, such as M16A4, M416, SCAR, 98K and so forth. You will be able to get some and use them depending on your strategies.

Excellent graphics

Excellent graphicsThere is no denying that the in-game graphics in this mobile version are truly excellent thanks to Unreal Engine 4. The nice graphics will be displayed clearly when lots of the scenes are far away, especially when you use your parachute to land down on the ground.  The general image of the map in PUBG mobile is more beautiful than in the Xbox One version.

Excellent graphicsIn addition, the in-game actions, movements, fighting, physical effects, sound effects, shadow effects are all wonderful.

Excellent graphicsThe players are also able to adjust the quality of graphics in PUBG game. You should adjust the graphical quality if you don’t own a phone with a high configuration.

Awesome available things

Awesome available thingsJet-ski is already available in PUBG mobile, and you will find it easily then ride on it to discover the surroundings. This kind of vehicle only made its debut on PC version in the last December and on Xbox One in March.

Awesome available thingsIn addition, PUBG mobile allows you to get over obstacles by using a great feature called Vaulting. It took up to 1 month for this feature to be updated on the PC version.

Less hack

Less hackHack has become a serious problem happening to the PUBG PC. The hackers hacked a lot of things, like recoil, map, aimbot, and a fast run. The development team hasn’t found any solutions to this problem.

But in the mobile version, the hackers still haven’t deeply interfered with the game yet. Hopefully, the mobile version won’t experience the hacking problem like in the PC version.

The feeling when you win

The feeling when you winHow will you feel when you become the last man standing in the brutal combat like this? It must the best feeling ever, right? That’s what you realize how powerful you are when you finally defeat all of your enemies for that victory. Sometimes, you will feel that your heart is beating very fast because of how difficult the combat is when it reaches towards its conclusion. When the victory moment comes, you just feel free to enjoy it!

Surprising awards for daily login

Surprising awards for daily loginIn PUBG PC/Xbox One version, the players will earn specific supplies and incomes from joining the battles. However, in this mobile version, you just simply log in the game every day, then, you will get a lot of nice gifts which bring you an amount of money so you can purchase some basic items.

Also, after every battle, the players will get a certain amount of money to buy Crates that will unlock new clothes and items for them.

PUBG mobile also brings awesome yet challenging missions for the players to take on and complete rather than undertaking familiar ones. Possibly speaking, the mobile version is much more improved than the PC version.

It’s completely free

It’s completely freeThis can be the best feature of all! PUBG PC or Xbox version always requires you to spend your money on experiencing the in-game challenges and combat. This means you have to buy the game with your real money if you want to play it on PC or Xbox One. However, things are already changed when you are totally able to own PUBG game by Tencent on your mobile device because it’s completely free for download. PUBG mobile version can be considered as the better version than its two predecessors for all its features mentioned above.