Let's unlock how PUBG Mobile Tencent is regarded as one of the most well-liked mobiles games worldwide, from various sources! Remember to play PUBG and enjoy!

How PUBG Mobile began to be a popular mobile game

If you had ever followed the event at GDC this March, you could recognize a lot of new information for PUBG Mobile game such as the real show-stopping announcement coming from Google related to Stadia, a game-streaming platform not existing before.

A cool discussion for PUBG Mobile Live

The developer and publisher of PUBG Mobile Download-Tencent Games got an interesting talk for those who excited about the complicated business in order to evolve games and change them into the best possible form to achieve the desired result. The subject of that conversation was CROS, a complete set of tools. It is great to support over 200 the most effective mobile games attain the goal that they want, for example, titles by Epic, Miniclip, or Supercell, and more.

About CROS of PUBG Mobile

What Is Cros In PUBG Mobile

For PUBG Download Official Site, it’s said that it was one of the biggest and the most successful games, based on the assistance of CROS. Tencent Games showed the way that it became an important and commercial hit through 4 main pillars of CROS, consisting of Intelligent Network Optimization (INO), G6 (Game R&D Solutions), WeTest, and MTP (Mobile Tencent Protect).

Intelligent Network Optimization (INO) with PUBG Mobile Download

Intelligent Network Optimization In PUBG Mobile

PUBG Mobile PC Tencent can collect more than 300 million users every day without any lag. And, that amazing fact depends on INO, which chooses Dual Channel solutions to make the best use of the current networks in a specific method for playing multiplayer online games. As you are able to presuppose, INO is considered a boon for eSports, lowering the average latency by over 90% and being suitable for 99.9% of eSports industrial requirements.

Game R&D Solutions – G6

Game R&D Solutions – G6  In PUBG Mobile

G6 is a crucial section for PUBG Android. It offers a 24/7 data storage function which is good at regaining outcomes in under 3 milliseconds and at a rate of 20 million demands for each second. You are recommended not to think of how fast it is. G6 will bring back a high-quality voice service with a 99.8% connection ratio and a crash ratio under 5/100,000.

PUBG Mobile WeTest

PUBG Mobile WeTest

About WeTest, it finished decreasing the testing period by 89% for PUBG iOS by moving almost the human labor out of the equation and selecting the AI as a replacement. The implement checked the quality of the top 500 mobile phone models taking over for 90% of participants and making certain a smooth gaming experience for every player.

MTP for PUBG Mobile

WeTest Technology And Service

Eventually, MTP came up with a total-critical security solution against cheaters on PUBG official site for PC. At present, you can find countless cheating devices without difficulty. Meanwhile, MTP opts for many different smart gadgets and tricks to search for cheaters and block them from ruining your match.

Key Features And Data Highlights

In general, the talk that we mention is a fascinating and convincing peek at the effort behind the scene to keep multiplayer games being operated well in a fair way.