How To Play PUBG Mobile On PC

There are two versions of PUBG Mobile game including Army Assault and Thrilling Battlefield. If you are still looking for an appropriate Android emulator so you can fight smoothly against the enemy in PUBG Mobile game, you can take a look at the following tutorial. It will bring the solution that you are searching for.

In fact, Tencent has limited the number of devices that you can use to explore PUBG Mobile game after launch. That leads to a circumstance in which you cannot play after you download and log in although you meet the configuration shown on App Store. Therefore, some people who own a strong configuration think that they will bring PUBG Mobile on an Android emulator on PC to engage their favorite game. Unfortunately, Tencent blocks them following the configuration and the phone name.

However, everything changed after they realized the need to enjoy the game on PC is real. So, Tencent determined to allow gamers to download both of two versions of PUBG Mobile on their Android emulator. Furthermore, Tencent also optimized that emulator so players will not have to set up keys as other ones. They can install the game and entertain themselves since everything is available established for you.

PUBG Android Emulator of Tencent

If you are longing to amuse yourself on PC, you are recommended to check the guide below in order that you can appear on the battlefield in an instant.

How to Play PUBG Mobile on PC

Step 1: Download and position the Android emulator from Tencent. Click here

How to Play PUBG Mobile on PC

Step 2: Start the emulator. The image below will show you details. They are numbered in order. In the third stage, you will tap on the button next to the icon of the game. Then, it will be downloaded and saved in the emulator.

PUBG Mobile Download

Step 3: Launch your selected game and log in like what you did in other mobile games. So, you have finished steps and you can fight in a normal way on PC.

PUBG Mobile Start the Emulator

In general, the version for PC is well upgraded, especially for the graphics. Additionally, the performance is good. Keys are pretty similar to what you see in Steam. Thus, you can believe everything that the creator set before. Compared with the mobile version, you can feel better to play on PC.

PUBG Mobile Version for PC

Note: If you decide to test PUBG game on that emulator, you will see that it has a separate server. Hence, you cannot work together with your friends in Duo or Squad if the other run the game on their mobile phone. In the first level, you will encounter many bots. And, it is quite easy to win. To play with your buddies, remember to pay attention to these characters.

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