Some Mistakes When You Play PUBG

Some Mistakes When You Play PUBGPlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds game is truly a hot Multiplayer Shooter Survival game by Tencent. It’s still getting hot and drawing the attention of numerous players all over the world even though it has been released worldwide for over one year. It’s impossible to deny the popularity of PUBG. The game has quickly captured the heart of players, especially those who are the big fans of Battle Royale games. Lots of gamers have experienced the gameplay and features of PUBG, but there are still some of them who have several misunderstandings that obstruct them from reaching the top 1. Let’s take a look at some mistakes mentioned below here!

Famous mistakes that PUBG players usually have

Parachuting down on a crowded ground

It’s not totally wrong to land down in a crowded location, but this is only true when you are a real skilled shooter or you are longing for a direct gunfight down there. But what if you are just an amateur shooter and you are not well-prepared for the fight? If yes, you are highly recommended to parachute down to a distant place that is far off away from the crowded locations.

Some players don’t think that way because they always believe that there will be lots of tasty weapons, armors, equipment scattered around those crowded zones. This is so true, but the most important question is that how they can get through these zones without being shot by others when trying to loot stuff? Sure, there is still a certain chance for you to conquer this, but it’s very small, even if you are able to shoot down lots of opponents there.

Parachuting down on a crowded groundThe best advice for you here is to land down to a certain location that is as far away from the crowded places as possible. You don’t need to put all your effort into killing all enemies. The most crucial thing here is how long you can survive and if you can make it to the top 1 or not.

Lying down to steal goods

It’s true to lie down if you want to loot items, but you are only able to do this when you are in a shelter. When you are out in the field, or on a rooftop, or even on a peak of a hill, this will become a wrong way for you to loot. You shouldn’t underestimate a chance of not having a third person hiding at somewhere around you when you are fighting against an enemy. This third enemy won’t give up on shooting you from afar. He just has to wait for a perfect chance to do that, which is coming very soon.

If you decide to lie down to loot items when you are not inside of a house, the opponent can shoot bullets into your mouth very quickly. You won’t be able to dodge his attacks because you can’t move fast if you lie down.

Lying down to steal goodsYou are highly advised to stand when you loot goods unless the place is large enough for you to cover yourself. Move around the location continuously by spamming WASD keys. By doing so, the enemies won’t be able to aim and shoot at you, but if they can, you will totally be able to elude their bullets and get away from them.

Riding a two and three-wheeled vehicle instead of a four-wheeled one

It’s always awesome to ride two and three-wheeled vehicle to experience a fantastic racing competition with your teammates and ride over beautiful hills. You can use this kind of vehicle to better your movement in PUBG because it lets you move at a faster speed.

However, if you want to have a safe movement and a cover in case you get shot by the enemies, then a four-wheeled vehicle is a better choice for you. With this vehicle, you will be even able to carry up to 3-4 allies in your squad. This will help you fight against others very easily. You should think about a dangerous situation when you ride a two or three-wheeled vehicle on a vast empty field then get shot by your rival for not having any covers.

Riding a two and three-wheeled vehicle instead of a four-wheeled oneSo here’s an advice for you! You shouldn’t use the three-wheeled vehicle because this will bring some disadvantages to you in terms of movements when you are being hunted by enemies. If you really don’t have any vehicle, just try shooting the third wheel, which will help the three-wheeled move in a stable way.