New Bugs in PUBG Mobile 0.12.0

PUBG Mobile with another bug in 0.12.0 update

PUBG Mobile With Another Bug in 0.12.0 Update

Version 0.12.0 of PUBG Mobile caused gamers community to feel uncomfortable when lots of bugs constantly appeared even though Tencent quickly improved the situation.

It was another update for the cool PUBG Mobile Download title. It was regarded as a considerable enhancement for that game with the additions of features necessary for the match, for example, the Zombies Mode had rapidly become one of the most interesting items. In which, everybody was forced to defend against hordes of scary monsters roaming until the challenge stops. It was a part that most people were excited about to engage and conquer.

PUBG Mobile With Another Bug in 0.12.0 Update

Unfortunately, plenty of survivors reported that they got troubles when joining v0.12.0. Not only that, those issues were really annoying and they obviously influenced their gaming experience badly. Specifically, the major matter was related to parachuting. Indeed, they could not parachute. It was possible for them to do that in case they followed a teammate. However, it did not end because they instantly encountered the other problem. They could not control their movement while they were in the mid-air. It means that they fell freely. Moreover, they were impossible to collect items on the ground once they had landed. If you are forced to uncover PUBG Mobile in such unlucky state, you cannot win for sure. In fact, looting weapons or supplies like ammo will play an important role for all before you step into the true battle. You will be mercilessly murdered if you run into a fully equipped guy. So, you can’t be the last standing man or take over the top spot of the ranking.

After getting the feedback, Tencent worked, and after one week, they announced that they completely fixed everything that participants faced.

New errors in PUBG Mobile 0.12.0

New Errors in PUBG Mobile 0.12.0

Nevertheless, changes of Tencent for PUBG iOS or Android game did not make players more pleased cuz they saw incidents not existing before again. According to the witness, it was hard for them to get in or out their vehicles. It took them a lot of time to exit. As well, opening the door of houses would create something advantageous for the foes to kill them, resulting in they couldn’t escape dangerous zones easily.

Besides, the update v0.12.0 made ping suddenly increase, causing everything to be much more inconvenient. Tencent promised to remove them and bring back a better playing environment soon.

Are you willing to participate in PUBG Mobile and check out pieces repaired and dominate the leaderboard? Good luck!