Sanhok is a new map which is officially available in PUBG Mobile game! Play PUBG Mobile and drop properly to explore an awesome match in a great rainforest now!

Sanhok is live!

Sanhok is working in PUBG Mobile! It is a map in the rainforest! Sanhok is inspired by a wide variety of islands in Thailand and the Philippines and finished by the PUBG Art team.

To decrease the size of the app, the developer decided to create Sanhok and Miramar for PUBG Mobile as distinctive downloads in the newest update. It’s easy to move to the Matchmaking Menu and load Sanhok!

Sanhok is live

Sanhok’s size is only half of any other ones for PUBG Mobile unless you are joining the arcade mode. Although Sanhok is smaller than the rest, it is not in close quarters. Actually, the areas are pretty large and many people will have more chances to survive after they travel through the first zone. Everybody in PUBG Mobile will be able to spend their time comfortably, from looting to rushing to sparse gunfights. By staying in the jungles and mountains in a humid Asian region, you can feel the breeze, the air, and sounds from the environment. Every factor will become helpful for your team to build up and special experience.