Check out new outstanding features in PUBG Mobile through the latest update version 0.6.0. These new features bring all players a wonderful gaming experience.

PUBG Mobile has just been updated to version 0.6.0 presenting to players a wide range of outstanding features that promise to make the game more engaging as well as bring a better gaming experience. Let’s grab a chance to find out the new features added to PUBG mobile through this latest update.

First Person Perspective (FPP)

FPP Mode Notify

PUBG Mobile has been played in the third person perspective (TPP) since the first release. Now, with the latest version 0.6.0, players will be able to enjoy the game in FPP, allowing them to change the perspective at will, which is just like PUBG PC version.

FPP mode

The FPP doesn’t bring you a panoramic view like TPP, also, the amount of time for you to strategize is reduced to a maximum. You don’t feel comfortable to lie down in one place. If you want to see the enemy, then you must be seen by him/her too. When you play FPP, your observation and reflexes will be exploited to a maximum.

You need to assess things around you by the sounds and other impacts like shadows, winds, etc. It’s very important and crucial to judge the surroundings as soon as you get information. If it’s something dangerous, you should use your strategies to solve it instantly. With FPP featured in PUBG Mobile, the battle will become more intense and competitive.

Arcade 4×4 mode

PUBG Arcade Mode

Arcade 4×4 mode is one of the newest features added to the game. It allows players to battle against each other in a broader map with 4×4 km, and its maximum capacity is up to 100 contenders. Players also have a chance to grab a lot of items thanks to the triple spawning rate of loot.

Amory system

PUBG Amory system

Armory system is a feature that displays all information about every single kind of weapons in the game. If players want to know about a certain weapon, they can open the armory system to get more info with interesting details. They can even make a comparison between the guns too.

No more hurting teammates when driving

No more hurting teammates

This can be considered as one of the best features in version 0.6.0. The players now won’t hurt their allies when they drive a vehicle.

Carrying the third gun

Carrying the third gun

At first, you are only allowed to carry two guns on your back. But with this latest update, you can totally carry up to 3, including two main guns and a pistol that helps you attack easily as well as brings you a better defense in dangerous situations.

Royal Pass system

Royal Pass system

Royal Pass is a mission in PUBG Mobile. If you decide to undertake this mission and try to complete it, you will get awesome rewards. You can join as a solitary player or engage in a team if you want.