PUBG free to play has created a great shock for world players. It also promises gifts for players who have owned PUBG before through many upcoming events.

PUBG free to play is the most searched keyword recently on the PUBG community. It officially went into effect on January 12, 2022, and is a free to play version of PUBG on all platforms. Since this announcement, the number of players has increased significantly, marking the new success.

Having seen player numbers and playtime skyrocket across platforms, the game’s publisher may have gotten their wish. We don’t know why PUBG is released for free, but this is definitely good news for fans around the world.

PUBG achieved great success after releasing the free-to-play version

As you may already know, according to the latest PUBG news, publisher Krafton has officially changed the business model for their game. They make a paid game free on all platforms from Steam, PC to console. This was the first time PUBG was free to play, so it created a big storm.

You can enjoy PUBG's free to play experience now
You can enjoy PUBG’s free to play experience now

The news sent shockwaves through fans around the world, attracting a spike in new player participation. Specifically, in Southeast Asia and the US market, the number of new players increased to 537%. And at its peak, there were more than 600,000 concurrent players in the PUBG game on the Steam platform.

Not only has the number of players increased, the free version of PUBG has boosted gamer hours. It’s up more than 100% from a week earlier and over 400% in Playstation time alone. These are really amazing achievements, shaking the milestones in the history of PUBG’s development.

The benefits for those who have owned PUBG before

According to PUBG latest update, players will play PUBG for free and only need an account to use most of the basic modes and features. If you want access to ranked or custom matches, you only need to spend $13 to upgrade your account to Battlegrounds Plus.

Many gifts will be available in PUBG free version
Many gifts will be available in PUBG free version

However, if you’ve purchased the game before, you’ll automatically update to the Plus plan at no charge. Moreover, the game publisher also gives many rewards to gamers through outstanding events. Look forward to these rewards to get unprecedented offers and freebies.

PUBG free to play is really good news for all of us, including those who have purchased the game before. Now, you can compete with your friends in exciting survival battles without paying. So there is no barrier for you to enter this popular survival battleground and work for your ranking.