PUBG Mobile 0.11 Update and Zombies Mode

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PUBG Mobile 0.11 version released with the Zombies Mode 

PUBG Mobile game is available on Google Play and App Store since the launch date on February 19, 2019. Amongst unique features of PUBG Mobile 0.11 Update, the Zombies Mode was one of the most interesting items that players expected. It is considered a product which is collaborated with a very popular title named Resident Evil 2 Remake. Therefore, it quickly conquered gamers in PUBG Mobile when it was introduced. After leaking some information about the Zombies Mode for a long time, Tencent finally threw it into the map Erangel.

Before the day that PUBG Mobile 0.11.0 was published, servers of the game were fixed and prepared well. Besides, the Zombies Mode is also known as Zombie: Survive Till Dawn. It is included inside of the cool PUBG 0.11 release.

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Zombies Mode’s gameplay in PUBG Mobile

It is an important section that helps you win against enemies in PUBG Mobile game. Similar to Battle Royale matches that you have ever experienced, you will be able to drop your body off an airplane with your parachute to land on the first and primary map of PUBG Mobile, Erangel. The objective does not change: You are asked to become the last standing man. Nevertheless, you are facing a harder fight because you cannot select a point that you want to do that. It means that you are forced to work in a certain area. That will boost up the speed of the challenge. You will not have much time to roam around. Thus, you are recommended to always get ready to fend off dangers from the environment whenever.

Especially, in PUBG Mobile after 0.11 update, your foes will consist of other participants and the undead. So, you must protect yourself much more carefully. You’d better recognize every trouble that you will encounter so you can stay alive at the end.

Step into the Zombies Mode of PUBG Mobile game, you will easily find various zombie species. They can be slow soulless corpses which will be slain without effort or the agile monsters that can rush into you at a fast pace. Meanwhile, the giant walking dead is capable of withstanding damage many times. Furthermore, it’s simple to spot scary creatures coming from the Resident Evil 2 game, for example,  Tyrant or Licker. They can cause panic and cover PUBG Mobile with an extreme obsession.

Tips and tricks for PUBG Mobile soldiers in the Zombies Mode

  • When playing PUBG Mobile game and standing in front of them, you are advised to look for or gather 2 awesome weapons by defeating the boss: The M134 Minigun is regarded as a rotary machine gun which fires 200 shots of 7.62mm bullet in one cartridge. It offers a heavy rate of fire. Its rate of fire is not different from the M249 light machine gun.
  • Additionally, making a perfect jump or using vehicles and stocking up the ammo will bring back more advantages.
  • To increase the survival ability in PUBG Mobile Zombies Mode, do not forget to stay together with your teammates at all times! Eventually, do not ignore your squad’s position, and sprint to the center of the map after the first night!

Other contents from PUBG Mobile 0.11

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There are numerous exciting additions to PUBG Mobile game.

  • Added Moonlight to Vikendi
  • Added Personal Spaces where every info and relationship of you will be displayed, allows you to pick out a partner with Synergy 400 or above before joining with you in Space
  • Event Pandemic Treasure goes with a reward that is the outfits of Resident Evils 2.
  • Event Anniversary Treasure in PUBG Mobile contains many rare items.
  • Added the menu theme and the background music of Resident Evil 2
  • Added Sanhok to Arcade – Quick Match
  • SMG and Assault Rifles War Mode begin with double bullets
  • Added emotes, avatars, more appellation with Survivor (limited)
  • Preserves old achievements within a recent month of you