Skorpion is a new submachine gun that is going to be released in PUBG Mobile via the update 0.12.5. Find out all details and parameters about Skorpion now!

PUBG Mobile 0.12.5 is already out featuring a new weapon called Skorpion. With this latest PUBG Mobile update version 0.12.5, players are able to use the Skorpion – a kind of SMG that can store up to 20 bullets and deal very high damage to enemies. PUBG Mobile Skorpion can be a trustworthy SMG for all players.

When it comes to PUBG Mobile weapons, the recent update 0.12 of PUBG Mobile has introduced a new kind of gun called G36C Assault Rifle. This can be a good step but the drawback of it is that G36C Assault Rifle is only limited to the snow-covered Vikendi map. You can download the new PUBG Mobile update on your device to experience the new weapon!

More details about Skorpion – The Latest PUBG Mobile weapon in the update version 0.12.5

In the forthcoming PUBG Mobile update 0.12.5, there will be no more restriction and the gun – G36C Assault Rifle will be available to all PUBG Mobile maps. Skorpion will be the latest weapon introduced in this latest update. It’s a submachine gun using 9mm ammunition and is also able to dish out a very huge amount of damage just like other SMGs.

Skorpion parameters

  • Classification: Pistol
  • Types of bullets: 9mm bullets
  • Capacity of bullets: 20 capsules and can maximize up to 40 capsules
  • Base damage: 22
  • Damage per second (if hit target): 312
  • Bullet speed: 350 m / s
  • Effective range: 50m
Skorpion Parameters

Thanks to some of the advantages mentioned above, players think that Skorpion should be chosen and it can be used as a secondary weapon after equipping an SR and a DMR. PUBG Mobile Skorpion will get even more stable when it’s armed with other accessories, such as firearms, laser lights, handles, silencers, front legs, etc. Skorpion has two shot modes, including single shot mode and automatic mode.

Skorpion generates enough amount of basic damage to inflict serious injury to others. Skorpion is quite stable and it will be greatly upgraded in the forthcoming update of PUBG Mobile. You are allowed to use it and check its ability during your training before stepping into the battle. Skorpion will be exhibited in the next version 0.12.5 of PUBG Mobile.