Discover all of the optimizations, enhancements with changes of weapons in PUBG Mobile 0.8, the new version for Chinese server. Let’s update your gear right now!

PUBG Mobile 0.8 has officially arrived at Chinese with the opening at Map Sanhok along with the new weapon named QBZ. However, many people did not know that the developer also refined other various items.

Actually, PUBG Mobile with the version for the server in China is available and updated to 0.8. The player can completely experience the new Map Sanhok and the QBZ for the first time. Aside from that, PUBG Mobile added numerous contents and side challenges with rewards, and more interesting features. Everything can make certain that gamers can feel satisfied and comfortable while traveling through their battles.

PUBG Mobile 0.8 - Changes of Weapons

Nevertheless, Update 0.8 will be able to bring several changes so as to balance the weapon, which is a factor that participants do not seem to care about too much or pay attention to upgrade it. In fact that a few differences will strongly influence to the gameplay and it is necessary to master PUBG Mobile better. In order to help you understand much more about changes related to the equipment that you use to attack the enemy, you can have a look at the list of tweaks by GameHub. The development team gathered and applied them to PUBG Mobile 0.8.

Improvements of Weapons

  • Improve the range of the Shotgun and its ammo will have more density. It means that you can eliminate the target without difficulty in the short time.
  • Although the bullet can pass through the water surface, the damage that they cause to the prey will be reduced a little.
  • Got rid of the bad effects of Light Grip, it will assist the weapon get more stable and decrease shock
  • Optimized the shooting ability and the recoil of assault rifles and sniper rifles
  • Made the most effective use of Red Dot and 8X together with the zoom capability of 6X and 8X so they will lessen the recoil lag that you encountered before

Improvements of Weapons


Not only that, Update 0.8 fixes some bugs that affected the contact or observation of the player, for example, the first mode at some specific positions could let everybody see through the walls. They underwent situations that they recoiled when they switched to choose Groza. Don’t worry! That issue has been removed thoroughly. With a fine adjustment reserved for Shotgun, it will be more effectual and it can alter the beginning stages of PUBG Mobile to be a hot battlefield when competitors can finish off their adversary easily and quickly.

Hope you enjoyed!