PUBG Mobile 2 System Requirements are some of the conditions that players need to meet if they want to download and register the game. Let's check it out!

PUBG Mobile 2 System Requirements are the configuration standards players need to meet for the current PUBG Mobile version 2. This PUBG New State allows players to pre-register and prepare for a test version. Accordingly, the publisher Krafton has also released the game’s trailer, which is accompanied by allowing players to register in advance from February 25. This is information that has received the attention of many players. They are eagerly waiting for this upcoming release.

The special things in this PUBG New State

With many players, PUBG is the starting game for the popularity of the survival shooter genre – battle royale. Not only with good gameplay, beautiful graphics, PUBG developer is also very active in updating new content. They want players are no longer bored and have the most perfect experience. And recently, information about PUBG Mobile 2 was officially revealed, making many people eagerly expect it.

According to initial information, PUBG 2 or PUBG Mobile New State will be set in the PUBG world in 2051 and include a lot of equipment in the future. From there this game genre will bring a modern and much more advanced map than the current version of PUBG Mobile. The new map is TROI, with an area of 8x6km, and still retains the style of action play for survival. One of the special features in this version is the integration of new vehicles and weapons.

Lots of new vehicles and weapons will appear in PUBG New State
Lots of new vehicles and weapons will appear in PUBG New State

Some system requirements for PUBG Mobile 2 – New State

Similar to other Battle Royale game genres, in order to play PUBG Mobile 2 players need to meet some specific requirements for phone configuration. Here is some of the information we would like to give you:

Configure PUBG Mobile 2 on Android

  • Operating System: Android 6.0 or higher
  • Memory: 2 GB RAM

PUBG Mobile 2 for IOS users

Currently PUBG Mobile New State is only open for pre-registration on the Google Play Store. As a result, App Store users may have to wait a while. IOS may require iPhone 7 or later to play PUBG New State. We will update the most specific and accurate information as soon as possible.

PUBG Mobile 2 New State will be back soon in 2021
PUBG Mobile 2 New State will be back soon in 2021

Information about the launch date of PUBG New State

Currently we do not know the official launch date of PUBG New State. But Krafton – PUBG New State publisher, determines the release time will be in 2021 only. Before that, the new game publisher for pre-registration on February 25, 2021. Only Android platforms can pre-register in some countries, including Vietnam.

From now on, if you pre-register PUBG Mobile – New State, you will have the opportunity to permanently receive a limited edition car skin. So, register today to own yourself the most unique skins of PUBG! And i also wish you had the most perfect experience with the new version of PUBG Mobile 2 – New State.