After Vikendi and Zombie: Darkest Night, PUBG Mobile 5 best maps will introduce to you part 2. Follow the post and explore the other exciting places right now!

The rest of PUBG Mobile 5 best maps

PUBG Mobile is a good survival game which is available to play on iOS and Android platforms. It has already released the first part including two well-liked maps over the last 6 seasons. And now, we will discover the remaining pieces.

3. Sanhok

Sanhok PUBG Mobile 5 Best Maps

It is a noticeable battlefield in PUBG download because it is covered by green trees. Sanhok is one of the most strategic locations within the adventure of survivors. Indeed, there are tons of weapons scattered on the path that you can find easily, for example, UMP9 or QBZ. Remember that it is not simple to collect and survive! Actually, it is really dangerous when you can be killed whenever! Characters in PUBG iOS game usually disguise themselves without effort due to the terrain full of thick grass. If you are a person who loves camping with Snipers, you can select that place to ambush.

Sanhok of PUBG Mobile is a good destination to play hide and seek. In case you belong to a squad, try to figure out strategies and opt for the most appropriate ones which can keep you safe until you hit the final circle. Nevertheless, you can become more vulnerable if you stay in vast lands. Someone can look for your spot and attack you easier. The number of tactics required to defend yourself at Sanhok makes it turn into an enchanting region or a bloody battleground anytime.

2. Zombie: Survive Until Dawn II

Zombie: Survive Until Dawn II

It is an improved version of Survive Until Dawn in PUBG Android. It will show you lots of threats coming from the undead and human rivals. Especially, you can join combat while you are controlling a vehicle or moving under the water when you are fighting against constant zombie waves because it does not contain toxic gas. The marked tyrants can be found quickly on the map. It’s not difficult to get close to their position and destroy them! Furthermore, your health will be increased after you eliminate the target. It allows you to survive longer. Although hazardous situations from corpses in PUBG Mobile are reduced, it is not simpler to keep living due to the appearance of other players nearby. You can face two battles at once. Be careful!

1. Erangel

Erangel PUBG Mobile 5 Best Maps

Erangel is the initial map for PUBG PC. It is regarded as the most best-loved playfield amongst the list we mention because it brings back the familiarity evolved since the game was launched. Erangel will provide many different interesting zones, for instance, Pochinki, Military Base, School, or crates. It is chosen for each distinctive gameplay in the Arcade Mode. Erangel hides the oldest armaments in PUBG. It is an ideal area to fight, surprise attack, or camp. By landing at certain points, you can unlock a few achievements rapidly. On Erangel of PUBG Mobile, you will be asked to fulfill multiple missions like killing the enemy by utilizing specific ways, emotes, and collectibles.