It is completely easy to get Baahubali outfit and play PUBG Mobile game with the present costume! Explore the best guide to wear Baahubali and use it right now!

PUBG Mobile & Baahubali

To PUBG Mobile users, it is simple for them to play their favorite Battle Royale style game after they put on an outfit named Baahubali.

Actually, PUBG Mobile developers have kicked off a new costume reserved for gamers in India. It is inspired by a popular movie called Baahubali. It is known as a great Indian warrior costume.

PUBG Mobile & Baahubali

In other words, PUBG Mobile development team has already introduced something exciting from the mysterious Indian culture to everybody existing throughout the playfield. It is the place where has not a gaming industry while they own the cheap 4G rates. It can create a good environment to invest in mobile games, specifically PUBG Mobile.

At present, PUBG opened some controversies in that region. However, it is still one of the most well-liked games of all ages, especially among the youth. So as to get rid of the problem and regain lost players, PUBG developers determined to launch a few important Indian elements into the match.

About Baahubali of PUBG Mobile

So, you can search for and choose the Baahubali once you get access to PUBG Download. As mentioned, its design is based on Baahubali a blockbuster film. Not only that, it is equipped with 2 major parts: the armored clothes and the headgear.

Enter the shop of PUBG iOS and you can pick out Baahubali or any sets you want. The equipment for your head will cost users 360 UC (Unknown Cash) and 900 UC for the other objects such as chest armor, wrist and arm protection, and the bottom wear. The headgear’s price will be modified, increasing after the limited period offer expires.

Baahubali will be rolled out. It is will be a piece of advertising in PUBG Android. At first, you will be given a discount of 25% on the complete warrior ensemble which is priced at 1,260 UC. The plan was only available until May 15.

Baahubali is one of the unique garments in PUBG Mobile Download. They are not produced in collaboration with the makers of the movie different from the Resident Evil outstanding content that the game had revealed earlier.

PUBG has chosen Indian audiences before and it is the first time Tencent Games has brought outfits from India into the game. PUBG Mobile also gave out the introduction for the traditional kurta and pajama to celebrate Diwali. Creators of PUBG Mobile released the cricket jerseys and more during the Indian Premier League (IPL), too.

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