PUBG Mobile: Basic things about the weapon system that a newbie needs to learn

PUBG Mobile is a survival shooter mobile app game that is very hot for now. This is the mobile version of PUBG game after the success of PC and Xbox One versions. All players are dropped into a large battleground where they must fight against each other for their ultimate survival. Winning is the main goal of everybody, but it’s not easy to obtain. The players have to gather many weapons, then, make good use of them to shoot at each other. To kill your rivals effectively, you need to have a better grasp of using the collected weapons. Understanding the whole weapon system in PUBG Mobile is a basic step for you to win, especially if you are a newbie.

PUBG Mobile: Basic things about the weapon system that a newbie needs to learnThere is no denying that guns are the key element that can help you get to the top 1 in PUBG mobile. Each weapon has its own advantages and disadvantages. Also, you have to apply different play styles when you use different guns. If the gun is used for a right purpose and at the right time, the chance of killing your enemies will be very high. Let’s explore all kinds of guns and learn some important indicators on the guns now!

Crucial indicators on weapons

  • Power, damage: The damage is always dished out by the weapons. If this indicator is high, you will have a big chance to kill your opponents easily.
  • Effective Range: This is the shooting range which is kind of important and has an effect on the result directly. You need to choose and pick up the weapon that is able to deal higher damage. Also, make sure you consider on which gun is suitable for ranged combat, and which one is suitable for melee combat.
  • Stability: This indicator displays the stability of the gun when you shoot.
  • Firing rate: This shows the speed of shooting! If the speed is high, you will be able to shoot a lot of bullets at your enemies.
  • Attachment Points: This is a term indicating the attachments like a silencer, quick reload, viewfinder and more.

Kinds of guns

Sniper Rifle

Sniper RifleThis is a kind of gun that has the highest damage. It only takes several bullets to give a headshot to your enemies. This weapon is very suitable for aiming at enemies and shooting them from afar. The biggest disadvantage of the sniper rifle is that it takes a long time to charge the bullets, and you shouldn’t use it for a melee combat.

Kar98k is a popular gun that is easier to find that AWM. When you use this weapon, you need to aim at the head carefully then shoot. If the bullet hits the rival, he/she will be killed instantly.


DMRsDMRs is the kind of gun that can be considered as a perfect replacement of Sniper Rifle because it won’t take a long time to charge the bullets. However, the damage indicator on this weapon, along with its shooting range will be limited a lot. This gun is only appropriate for shooting at moving targets and the targets that are at a medium distance.

Assault Rifles

Assault RiflesEach player should get this one and use it at least once. Assault rifles have a high speed of shooting, stable damage, with an ability to fire bullets continuously. All of those advantages make it a perfect gun for a melee combat.

AKM is a kind of gun that has the highest damage dished out by every single bullet. Lots of players like to use this one. But it will be jerked when you shoot, which is the biggest disadvantage. You need to add an attachment that helps decrease the jerking when you use it.

SCARL can be a perfect alternative to AKM if you don’t like the jerking. At a medium distance, you just feel free to shoot bullets at your targets continuously without worrying about adjusting the center of the gun whenever you fire.

Submachine Guns

Submachine GunsThis is a small-sized gun, and the most outstanding part is Vector with a short shooting range. But it has a fast shooting speed as well as high damage. You are recommended to use this weapon in 1v1 melee battle, or you use it when the game is close to its conclusion.

In case you have to use a submachine gun to fight, then UMP9 will be a perfect choice for you because of its stable damage, and average shooting range.


PistolsA pistol is not a common gun that is used by many players. It’s only utilized when you don’t have any other guns to use yet.

But if you have to choose one pistol, you should consider using R1985 because it can deal high damage and it has a medium shooting range. The biggest drawback of this one is its extremely slow shooting speed.


ShotgunsShotguns are kind of usual guns in PUBG Mobile too. However, they also have a drawback. A shotgun can’t deliver a high shooting range, but in return, it is able to deal very high damage, which helps you wipe out your rival instantly if in your shooting range.


BowsA bow is just a kind of weapon that should be used when you want to become a sneaky hero and you can only use it in some special situations. Nobody will use a small bow to fight against an enemy that is using a strong gun.