PUBG Mobile Dev Talk 0.8.0 will show answers which focus on issues that players are often interested in. Follow Mobile Dev Talk to learn more about PUBG Mobile!

0.8.0 Dev Talk

Here is the list of matters that survivors in PUBG Mobile game can be easily attracted. We will visit a unique playground.

Q: “How is “Sanhok” different from the previous two maps?”

A: In PUBG Mobile, Sanhok is only a 4×4 playfield in size which is previously called Savage. Sanhok is a quarter of the two former maps. Come to Sanhok you and every competitor will have the chance to have fun with more intensive and fast-paced matches. Not only that, it is considered a tropical rainforest island, including small blocks of buildings. In other words, they will be able to become the place of mid and close-range competitions. If you are one of the persons who are excellent at sniping, you may want to modify strategies. Finally, enchanting scenes in Sanhok will offer more awe-inspiring experiences.

Q: “Why is the map updated via an independent download?”

A: The development team of PUBG Mobile game hoped that you could select to download another map if necessary instead of having to install tons of resources through an obligatory update.

Q: “Please introduce the “QBZ” for us (e.g. its role, feel, functions, how it compares with the current weapons)”

A: QBZ is a cool assault rifle not existing in PUBG Mobile game before. It utilizes 5.56mm ammo. It will be just deployed by gunners on Sanhok. In addition, QBZ takes the position of SCAR-L on that island. With a better opportunity to appear, it will get more familiar if you choose Sanhok in PUBG Mobile game. If you put QBZ alongside SCAR-L, you can find that the QBZ has the same attributes with a slightly higher rate of fire. Besides, its damage is equal to other 5.56mm rifles. Thus, the stronger RoF means higher DPS, though at a cost of stability. But, the large number of high-level attachments on Sanhok will supplement that. With high single-shot recoil, the QBZ’s long range performance is not comfortable so you are recommended to use up advantages.

Q: “What is a flare gun?”

A: Play PUBG Mobile game you can realize that Flare Gun is an ultra-rare weapon. You can collect them while roaming. Within the secure area, you can point it up and fire to call for a super airdrop. Or, you can receive a bullet-proof UAZ when you trigger out of the safe zone.

Q: “What are the differences between the new spawn island and the old one?”

A: A “Snap & Share” function is officially released. A “Display Title” feature also pops up. Participants in PUBG Mobile can flaunt their uncommon titles to warn their rivals.

Q: “What is the seasonal profile?”

A: In PUBG Mobile game, it is good at recording your history when you join seasons. Hence, you can review your adventure.

Q: “What are the changes in the post-match result calculation?”

A: According to the new version for PUBG Mobile, the victorious group will stay on the playground for a moment so the developers can dig deeper into what occurred at the end of the battle.

Q: “In the last version, the achievement system was very interesting and provided good rewards. Will there be new achievements in the new version?”

A: The dev team of PUBG Mobile will launch cooler achievements in following updates. In the forthcoming one, there are a few items like “Invisible”, “Forager”, “Going Commando”, “Sharpshooter”, “Chicken Expert” and “Nebula Battleground”.

Q: “We have observed fewer players using hacks, but they still exist. Will there be better anti-hacking procedures? How can the players report the hackers?”

A: The cheating detection library in PUBG Mobile has been developed and it will search for more cases. The team added reporting buttons on many different sections such as “Spectate Friend”, “Basic Info” and “Statistics”. Switches will bring back various ways to report cheaters.

Q: “Will there be a way to dismantle­ exclusive items if I have repeated items or don’t like them anymore?”

A: They added a function named Dismantle Exclusive Items to PUBG Mobile. If you have ever reused them or if you do not like them, you can discard them instantly.

Q: “There are too many daily mission rewards. It takes a lot of time to collect each one of them.”

A: A “Collect All” feature is available in the Progress Mission. You can gather prizes easier.

Q: “How will the Royale Pass be calculated in the new season? Will there be new missions?”

A: The Pass Points in the new season of PUBG Mobile will be calculated once more. Try to arrange yours carefully before the present season is finished! So, you can scavenge the stuff that you expect. Moreover, other objective kinds have been joined in the latest season Royale Pass. You can apply methods to conquer points and redeem something you wish.

Q: “What major bugs have been fixed with the 080?”

A: From the feedback of players in PUBG Mobile game, the team worked hard for quick fixing. For 070 and 080 updates, bugs related to outfits and the friend list of clan system display strangely was improved. Besides, developers got comments about the sensitivity setting issue of 3x and 6x scopes. They promised to resolve them and publish the patch before September 20.