PUBG Mobile Easter started and released new adventures and a lot of unique cosmetics. Discover the event and search for gifts in the shortest time right now!

PUBG Mobile Easter Eggs Event

PUBG Mobile Easter introduces many exciting new adventures and cosmetics for you to choose from and experience. Amongst changes from PUBG updates, you can find plenty of Easter Eggs in PUBG. But, it is not simple to collect them.

PlayerUnknown’s Battleground Mobile with the Easter event available on mobile platforms began and the end date is still a secret. Come to that fun-addicting trip you are able to gather two types which can be distinguished with their sizes and appearance. Not only that, they are special eggs that will be chosen to earn crate coupons together with apparels which can be refined to get a better look without effort.

In addition to totally accurate Battlegrounds Easter Eggs, you can receive countless cosmetics purchasable with UC when you accept to engage in PUBG Download. Note that UC is the premium currency in PUBG Mobile PC Tencent.

PUBG Mobile Easter Eggs Event

PUBG iOS is also presented with another additional synergy feature. It is always ready to allow you to turn into a partner with friends that you love. Every player in PUBG Android can be equipped with 400 synergies or above and they will become partners of each other. It means that they can appear in spaces and rankings of their buddy whenever.

PUBG Mobile Easter Eggs Event

It is a piece of the cool PUBG Mobile game. We will return to the topic and you are recommended to cooperate with somebody friendly while seeking enough and learning how to use Easter Eggs in PUBG Mobile. As mentioned, they are sorted into two kinds. They consist of:

  • A small quirky egg
  • A Vibrant egg

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In the short list of PUBG Mobile Easter Eggs 2019, the first one will be hidden in the Spring Draw Menu which was updated in a recent patch note. At that menu, it is not difficult to spot the target situated behind some trees on the map.

Easter Egg Hunt

Meanwhile, the second Easter Egg in PUBG download for pc will be trapped within the game itself. In other words, you or any characters are advised to uncover every corner of the playfield. It may be the most basic way to complete the PUBG next Easter Egg hunt.

Especially, the vibrant egg in PUBG Android can be exchanged for free loots and crates because they are almost unlimited. But, keep in mind that it will be based on the number of vibrant eggs that you have already found in each survival round of PUBG Mobile. In case you have successfully picked up 5 vibrant Easter Eggs in PUBG, you do not forget that they can make you access a crate quickly, which will be seen under the events tab.

Let’s play PUBG Mobile and embark on the match now! Good luck!