The cool International version of the popular PUBG Mobile game is likely to introduce the new update called 0.9 in the next two months. Explore its features now!

About PUBG Mobile International Version 0.9

PUBG Mobile game has been asserting the own unique position in the survival shooter genre on mobile devices in many countries. Although PUBG Mobile by Lightspeed & Quantum Studio is new, it has achieved great successes. Surely, you may want to know much more about its content. You can follow the brief list related to the features below.

PUBG Mobile

Version 0.9 provides lots of amazing features to PUBG Mobile International game. For version 0.8, PUBG Mobile has given lots of exciting additional items such as the QBZ, Flare Gun, the armored car UAZ, Muscle cars, and so on. It was officially released worldwide, on both of the biggest app markets, including App Store and Google Play. Players are very interested in landing on the famous location of their nation. Its favorable outcome is also the reason why version 0.9 has been developed and published. Here is the collection that you expect!



It is a PUBG Pickup Truck. It is an exclusive vehicle which will be found in Sanhok. Rony can hold up to 4 people and move across hilly landscapes. It is very useful to cover or transport. Rony has three variants of color: green, white, and navy blue.

First-Person Perspective While Driving

First-Person Perspective While Driving

It is an interesting change which provides another completely different experience to competitors. Previously, they often drove and observed that with the view like racing games Need for Speed or Asphalt 9: Legends. You can check the improvement whilst you are controlling a motorbike or a car. Especially, the furniture and the interior image have been modified significantly. Moreover, you are allowed to adjust the volume of the track coming with.

New Gun QBU


QBU is a DMR type of the unique weapon to Sanhok. It is a Chinese bullpup designated marksman that is appropriate to the theme or the location.

QBU is a deadly rifle in PUBG Mobile, using 5.56 mm ammo, ten-bullet rounds like other DMRs. It has the lower damage but offers the fastest fire speed. You cannot attach anything to reduce the recoil when shooting. You are recommended to lie to increase the accuracy while you are taking a bipod. It has two legs under the gun barrel to decrease the vibration, anti-shock, and support you to collect headshots. Currently, it only appears and be reserved for the Sanhok map in PUBG Mobile China.

Dancing Grenades

Dancing Grenades

It is an odd object in PUBG Mobile International version 0.9. Specifically, it will not deal damage to the enemy like the Frag Grenade or knock unconscious somebody as Stun Grenade. It will make the prey dance uncontrollably and they cannot stop in the affected area.

Night Mode and Night Vision Support Accessories

Night Mode

One of the most exciting artifacts in PUBG Mobile International Version 0.9 is the Night Mode. You can fight when the whole field is in the dark suddenly. The rate giving out that effect on the Erangel map is random. It means that may not apply to the entire match. It will just modify over time. The game can be full of sunshine and change into darkness immediately.

Night Vision

So as to make you feel more comfortable in the new environment, PUBG Mobile game will supply some night vision equipment, making you into true combatants. One of them is the glasses. You can spot everything easily.