PUBG Mobile map called Karakin is a new mobile version map that will officiall launch in early April. Let's see what's interesting about this new map!

PUBG Mobile Karakin map has finally arrived after a long time making players look forward to. A month earlier, the developer launched a Beta test of this map. PUBG Mobile’s 3rd anniversary celebration has given players quite a lot of good news regarding the launch of many new improvements and features for the game. Not only that, PUBG Corp. also announced a collaboration project with Godzilla vs. Kong. Along with that is the official launch of the highly anticipated map called Karakin. This map will bring countless challenges and exciting battles for players.

Players will experience the fast gameplay and thrilling action in the new PUBG Mobile map.

What’s in the Karakin map for PUBG Mobile?

Karakin is a small map, only 2x2km in area and outside the North African coast. Because of the small geographical distance, Karakin offers gamers a thrilling and dangerous gameplay. Besides, this is also an arid environment with many rocks, where fierce battles will take place over a wide open terrain. Many consider Karakin the perfect combination of Miramar’s fierceness and Sanhok’s blazing speed. This new map is awaiting 64 players to participate in catastrophic battles.

Karakin's intense and dangerous gameplay will make players satisfied and excited.
Karakin’s intense and dangerous gameplay will make players satisfied and excited.

In February 2020, the developer released Karakin on the PC version – PUBG. However, it is not yet available on the mobile version. Finally a year later, this “mini” map also appeared in PUBG Mobile and became the 6th map of this game.

If nothing changes from the Beta, the Karakin map will have two new mechanics: Demolition Zone and Thin Wall Bullet Penetration. In addition, a new gun and throwing item will also be added to the game.

The official mobile version of Karakin map is finally coming.
The official mobile version of Karakin map is finally coming.

New features in PUBG Mobile Karakin map

Demolition Zone

The Demolition Zone is extremely dangerous as it can destroy buildings, and even completely destroy everything inside. Buildings will turn into real-time wreckage during PUBG Mobile matches. You can identify the Demolition Zone by purple areas on the map along with the sirens. In PUBG Mobile, the Demolition Zone will appear randomly. The player will also be killed while in that area for too long.

Thin Wall Bullet Penetration

The thin walls in buildings in Karakin can be penetrated by bullets.

New weapons in PUBG Mobile Karakin map

Sticky Bomb

Sticky Bombs can destroy the walls in buildings of PUBG Mobile. It can stick to walls and destroy them in a short amount of time. Players can take advantage of this weapon to get more shooting angles.


The Panzerfaust is an anti-tank gun that is unique to the Karakin map with a very low spawning rate. You can certainly find it in the airdrop.

The Panzerfaust missile can destroy thin walls and penetrate objects in short distances. So, this is a very useful weapon to destroy some walls in Karakin.

In a few days, fans will experience the official version of PUBG Mobile Karakin map. This map will launch on April 7, so stay tuned!