PUBG Mobile game's developers have already leaked some details related to new helicopters and RPG. All of them will be added to the next update after 0.14.0.

PUBG Mobile Added New Helicopters & RPG!

PUBG Mobile is a popular survival shooting game over the world. It brings back the highest experience which can be gained within an unequal match between you and 99 rivals on a deserted island. Each of the updates contributes to making your battle much more interesting and surprising.

PUBG Mobile Added New Helicopters & RPG!

Tencent Games, the developer of PUBG Mobile Download, constantly upgraded their game by adding PUBG Mobile new features and content. They are expected elements that can attract players while searching for other methods to prevent or remove hacks and cheats in-game. The release after Patch 0.14.0 Notes promises to provide unique weapons and means of transport that are effective in combat.

In China, PUBG Mobile has opened the Beta version which introduces helicopters, vehicles not existing before, improved armaments such as RPG and so on. It’s said that the same contents would be present in the international edition in the future.

PUBG Mobile Added New Helicopters & RPG!

With the extra movement mode which has been available in PUBG Mobile, you or opponents need to equip yourself with the strongest explosive tools. Besides, you should not ignore an RPG and grenades so that you are able to take part in the battle with more advantages than the rest. Obviously, their long-range fighting ability is extremely formidable.

Furthermore, there are a few additions to the game, for example, the repair kits for choppers, binoculars and more. They will be coming in the 0.15.0 update. There will be a total of 4 types including Helmet Repair Kit, Armor Repair Kit, Vehicle Repair Kit, and Hemostatic Device. It is exciting to test PUBG Mobile guide of them! You will be given the proper gear to land safely if you jump out of a flying helicopter.

Other Items in PUBG Mobile 0.15.0 Update

Aside from PUBG Mobile new vehicles, you will have the chance to test your driving skill with BRDM which is regarded as a replacement of UAZ. BRDM is a distinctive tank that has ever appeared in PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds PC. It can move on the ground and the water. Actually, anybody who fires the Flare Gun outside the safe area will receive BRDM 2 Tank instead of the Flare Crate. Currently, the UAZ is pretty useless and it does not own a good damage tolerance. You will possess an appropriate FPP view when sitting inside a BRDM and TPP whilst aiming or shooting. It will be helpful to change the perspective.

Some people felt upset when they knew that developers at PUBG Mobile game added a hopper/helicopter in the Chinese version. Moreover, they thought that handheld grenade launchers and other stuff would ruin the fun of the Classic competition. However, there is a fact that there would be a challenge with choppers, other heavy firearms and more. So far, there is no confirmation yet if the chopper mode would arrive in the PUBG Mobile 0.15.0 update or later.

If you are interested in PUBG Mobile 0.15.0, you cannot skip gas cans. They may be one of the PUBG Mobile new weapons. Now, they can explode when they are shot. Indeed, you can use guns, a frag grenade or a Molotov Cocktail to activate them. Although they were underrated before, they have become effectual when combining with your strategies. Remember to avoid the explosion that they cause and set traps to knock down the competitor with these when you spot somebody nearby!

Not only that, you will be supported by a couple of amazing skills. The ledge grab is an ability that helps you climb up to the place where you could not reach previously. Meanwhile, you can uncover hiding zones to camp or snipe. Note that sliding is the other possibility that you can choose to speed up and escape.

Are you ready to discover the update along with everything that we have shown? Hope you enjoyed!