After improvements in Zombie Mode of PUBG Mobile game, it's possible to discover new contents in the next update! Play PUBG Mobile game for free and experience!

More contents added to the new PUBG Mobile update

PUBG Mobile by Tencent is considered a PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds game going mobile. Actually, it is based on the original PUBG but it can be played on your Android or iOS devices.

After the Zombie Mode was upgraded, players of PUBG Mobile game continued to look forward to contents or something not existing before. The development team did not let them feel disappointed.

If you rely on what PUBG contains inside as a standard, you will realize that there is a series of other features which will be introduced in the next Update, for example, another vehicle model on VIkendi map, a signal gun (Flare Gun) that has appeared in Custom Game for a long time.

About the means of transport in PUBG Mobile

The cool PUBG Mobile Update that we are talking will present with 2 styles dedicated to Vikendi. In which, Zima is regarded as the interference between a truck and a jeep that should be produced to be easier to control on a freezing road. Further, the rigidity generates a great advantage for those who will choose it.

About the means of transport in PUBG Mobile

Snowbike will replace the classic motorbike when the PUBG Mobile Update is active. According to the present information, Vikendi will quickly become an exciting playfield and even it can compete with other locations. 

A useful gun has been thrown into PUBG Mobile

Finally, characters in PUBG Mobile game will have the chance to try out an amazing item called Flare Gun. They are rarely seen out. A Flare Gun can summon a custom airdrop that releases a larger amount of better gear than ordinary equipment. When a Flare Gun is triggered and fired up into the mid-air and it hits the altitude of 200 meters, An aircraft will pass by the PUBG Mobile battlefield and set free either a crate (if you are in the safe area) or a UAZ (if you are outside). Note that shooting a flare at somebody will not cause any damage to him or her!

Remember to follow updates on the main server of PUBG before coming to PUBG Mobile!