PUBG Mobile (Chinese version) presents to you a brand new map called Miramar Desert featuring nice graphics, great design with many locations for looting items.

Tencent has announced that PUBG Mobile (Chinese version) would contain a map called Miramar Desert, and now, it’s officially updated in the game. The new map will bring a brand new gaming experience to all players. There are plenty of items for the survivors to find and collect when they are roaming around this new map. Possibly speaking, the map in PUBG Mobile almost inherits all details in terms of images and designs of the original one. The map is in yellow color, which displays the yellow tone of the desert. In addition, it consists of a large space, and players will be able to reach plenty of locations.

Looting on Miramar Desert

Similar to the Miramar Desert map on the PC version, the players are suggested not to focus on looting the items as well as hiding in a big world. Instead, they should be careful and stay watchful for the surroundings because enemies can hide somewhere, then they will pop up to carry out the surprise attack. Looting on a big map is not easy as you thought, it requires your fast reflexes, full concentration, and excellent skills.

Looting on Miramar Desert

Design and graphics

The Desert map in PUBG Mobile has a very similar design to the map of the Bluehole PUBG PC version with the bright yellow of the sand of the desert, and this yellow tone is considered as a crucial color of the map. The map also shows the devastation, with some vestiges from the buildings on both sides of the railway, in the town, or right in the middle of the desert. All of these images will be appeared in a lively way on your mobile device.

It will be a big omission if ignoring the mention of graphics in PUBG Mobile. The in-game graphics for this mobile version are much improved by Tencent. The players will experience 60 fps framerate speed, and all the sounds have become lively. There is no denying that PUBG’s graphics are absolutely amazing. The players can feel that things around them are very true.

In addition, this update also features some awesome improvements with the hop of bettering the gaming performance of the players, such as new game mode, new weapons, or new upgrades for the gameplay mechanics.


The gameplay of PUBG remains unchanged regardless of the Mobile version or the PC version. This means you will experience an identical gameplay when joining the mobile version. When the game begins, all players must jump out from the airplane, then use their parachutes to land down on a strange island where they start their adventure and combat. The most important thing is they must choose a location on the new map that contains more loot for them.

Locations for looting

There are plenty of locations for looting items in PUBG Mobile, and you can check them out on this new map, including Campo Militar, Pecado, Planta Potabilizadora, Prison, and Hacienda Del Patron. Make sure you go check these locations if you are longing for finding a lot of loot.

To sum up, the new map updated in PUBG Mobile (Chinese Version) is an interesting one when it offers new locations for looting, amazing graphics, wonderful design, together with a familiar yet engaging gameplay mechanics. Miramar Desert map is finally accessible on mobile devices, but it’s only for PUBG Mobile Chinese version. If you are an international player coming from another country, you should stay tuned and wait for the PUBG Mobile international version to enjoy. Hopefully, all interesting features mentioned above will be added to the upcoming version. Now, let’s get ready to dive into the new map of PUBG Mobile game.