After version 0.12 is attached to the popular PUBG Mobile game, players are facing many issues. They are related to parachuting, disappearing planes, and loot.

Bugs in PUBG Mobile Version 0.12 comprise parachuting, disappearing planes and loot

There are numerous issues that the new update of PUBG Mobile game. They are making those who are playing the international version feel uncomfortable. 0.12 is the name of a big patch reserved for both of the users on Android and iOS platforms. It brings back countless problems that caused participants in PUBG Mobile to report although it also offers many new functions, for example, the Darkest Night mode, two weapons and other zombies added, the monsters can climb over the low walls or the roof or players can edit the color of the shooting target, watch the match of friends or teammates and so on. Amongst the current issues, which ones involved in parachuting, airplane, and items are remarkable.

The disappearance of the aircraft in PUBG Mobile and more

PUBG Android or PUBG iOS is started with a classic scene like the original. Everybody will be delivered to the playfield on a flying machine and they need to jump out of that means to embark on their mission. However, there is another trouble at the beginning in which you or any characters cannot see it. Therefore, it is impossible to implement the first step. However, it is feasible when following a squad member. The challenge does not stop when you can’t control your movement while you are dropping down onto the abandoned playground of PUBG Mobile game. Furthermore, your hands cannot grab everything on the ground. Indeed, something blocks you from collecting loot. Moreover, you have to stay in the mid-air for a long time after you depart from the plane. If you are running PUBG Mobile on Android devices, the error seems to be influencing most people of that operating system type.

At present, competitors in PUBG download can be moved to the island where they can check out their own survival skill after they accept to join the battle. They can supervise the airplane and its moving direction via a map. When PUBG Mobile game is updated, plenty of persons do not find its existence. But, they can hop into the battlefield. Nevertheless, even if they have performed, they are forced to hang their body on the sky without knowing when they can be unleashed. That period is longer than the usual stage that PUBG Mobile gives to you. Obviously, every matter that they experience will have an effect on their mood and the result that they achieve at the end or they can be the reason leading to their failure afterward.