Find out some common issues in PUBG Mobile global version with the updated version 0.8 that can drive the gamers insane and mad when playing!

The updated version 0.8 of PUBG Mobile global version was released adding plenty of new content to the game, like a new map called Sanhok, QBZ rifle gun, Flare Gun, UZA – armored vehicle, two Muscle vehicles, etc. The new version is currently accessible on the App Store and Google Play. After the three-week experience, some gamers haven’t felt satisfied much for some bugs and issues that they experienced during the course of the game. Some feedback comments were directly sent to the development team of PUBG mobile with the hope that the developers would quickly fix the bugs! Below here are the common issues found in the updated version 0.8.

The Android users can’t search for PUBG Mobile on CH Play

Android users

This issue is still not fixed by Tencent yet! The temporary method, for now, is to download PUBG Mobile global version on the main homepage of the game, or Apkpure or even the Galaxy Apps. Tencent still hasn’t given out any solution to this problem. The development team only sent a response to the gamers and willingly helped them if they were experiencing any issues in the game. If you want to make a contact with the developers and are in need of their support, you can follow this address: Make sure to give out full and correct information for the fastest support possible.

The graphics of PUBG Mobile are still not optimized on the mid-end and high-end smartphones


This is such a big restriction making some players unable to experience the game with HD configuration, even though the configuration of the device is still able to meet. For instances, there are many Xiaomi smartphones using chip Snapdragon 6xx are only able to set the in-game graphics to the Balanced level, which is just equivalent to the devices using chip Snapdragon 4xx. Or chip Snapdragon 845 gives a better gaming experience using a smooth HD resolution than a device with chip Exynos 9810 even though they are all smartphones Samsung Galaxy S9+.

Some lag issues happened after updating the Sanhok map


Sanhok is a new map added to PUBG Mobile via the updated version 0.8, which makes the game capacity higher than before. Not only does it take the gamers an amount of time to download another corresponding pack to the map (Miramar or Sanhok), but they also find it laggy and more jerking than before when they use the mid-end or almost high-end devices to play. The unstable increase and decrease of ping parameter have a direct effect on the important phases in the battle.

Aside from those issues mentioned above, hacking and cheating are still going on in the game, which makes the anti-cheat system of Tencent hard to believe.