Check out the update 0.7.1 PUBG Mobile Chinese version to explore new attachments, like SKS, scope 3X, 6X and three kinds of Grips.

PUBG Mobile Reveals The Update 0.7.1 Introducing New Attachments

The update 0.7.1 of PUBG Mobile Chinese version has just been exposed introducing a wide range of new attachments as well as brand new guns for the players to experience. This can be great news to the entire gaming community when the mobile version is getting pretty close to the update of PC, enabling all gamers to get access to the latest content. If you are a fan of PUBG mobile and waiting for every single update to be released, then this version should never be ignored.

New content added to PUBG Mobile 0.7.1

One of the best content that can be found in this update 0.7.1 is that the gamers can totally approach a new rifle called SLR. It’s a kind of DMR that is similar to Mini 14 or SKS. Unlike the SKS, SLR excels at the bullet speed. This means that when the gamers aim at the targets that are moving, they can totally shoot the bullets more accurately.

New content added to PUBG Mobile 0.7.1

In addition, the gamers can totally explore several new attachments added to the game in this update too, including Scope 3X, 6X as well as three new types of Grips, including Light Grip, Thumb Grip, and Half Grip. Besides that, PUBG mobile also features an Emote system enabling the in-game characters to perform exclusive and funny actions.

And that’s all for this Update 0.7.1 of PUBG Mobile Chinese version! At the moment, the update is still in the Beta phase, and it will be officially released worldwide in the forthcoming time. You should stay tuned, keep track of all the news relating to PUBG mobile and make sure you won’t miss anything.