Here is the list of rewards that players of PUBG Mobile game can receive once they join the fun Season 7 Royale Pass. Check out the prizes’ details right now!

Exciting prizes in PUBG Mobile Season 7 Royale Pass

Access PUBG Mobile 0.12.5 and you can dig deeper into the present Season 7 Royale Pass without difficulty! Additionally, you can search for rewards that you can obtain here. Season 7 Royale Pass is regarded as a valuable update because it contains a lot of interesting items compared to Season 6. Let’s explore the content of Season 7 Royale Pass now!

The Royale Pass after you download PUBG Mobile 0.12.5 will be separated into 2 groups.

PUBG Mobile: Season 7 Royale Pass

Elite Upgrades

You can unlock up to 100 items by ranking up.

  • Finished the elite quest
  • Possible to climb up to Rank 25 (approximately 2,500 UC)
  • Have a Soaring Eagle Pan
  • Swayin’ Away

Elite Upgrade Plus

  • It is similar to the previous one, with a twist related to an exclusive object. Further, it will return 600 UC when PUBG Mobile Season 7
  • With 100 RP, you will have the chance to choose one of the two costumes like Season 5. They will belong to you after you defeat Level 100 in the Royale Pass. They are:
  • Urban Scavenger
  • Assault Squad

Another skin set for the plane

  • The flying machine in PUBG Mobile will have the new flight trail
  • If you jump out of the airplane, a parachute trail will appear.
  • Winner Winner Chicken Dinner Parachute Skin
  • It’s simple to get a distinctive beard to complete the look at Rank 70!

The other outer layer for clothes and weapons

PUBG Mobile 0.12.5 supplies several options, for example:

  • Assassins Squad Helmet Skin
  • Warrior’s Bag Skin
  • AKM Skin
  • Kar98 Skin
  • Features two Urban Scavenger and Assault Squad outfits – Skins in Season 7 are suitable for headgear with backpacks and armament covering.

A series of EZ Royale Pass tasks

There are three main objectives for EZ Mission License of PUBG Mobile Season 7.

  • Perk 1:

“Weekly challenge missions are unlocked 1 week ahead, beginning at week 1. All challenge missions are unlocked by week 7.”

  • Perk 2:

“2 free mission cards each week beginning at week 1 until the end of the season. Mission cards for each week can only be collected during that week.”

  • Perk 3:

“Skip the 10 mission requirement in week 8 and open the elite chest of the week directly.”

The system of rewards, depending on RP

  • The more continuous RP purchase you carry out, the cheaper the EZ Mission Licence is. Download PUBG Mobile 0.12.5 it’s accessible to buy 3 unceasing Royale Passes to possess that license without charge!

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