Why will PUBG Mobile not unlock if you lend account?

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PUBG Mobile Unlock Account

Recently, the department Tencent Games Security which is responsible for solving cheats in games of NPH Tencent has announced that they will not unlock account PUBG Mobile Download in case they spot they you lend other people it. Therefore, Tencent will lock that account forever without whether caring about giving it to somebody or not if they find you using illegal tools or apps to interfere with the game. For the PUBG Mobile unlock account matter, developers are getting several troubles.

They recommended everybody that they should not do that in every case in order to stay away from unfortunate risks that may arise.

PUBG Mobile Unlock Account
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Until the present moment, choosing inappropriate devices to break that rule is still a difficult problem in PUBG Mobile. These persons did not only utilize unofficial PUBG Mobile Emulator to play on PC but also select other cheating items including awesome features like AIMBOT – decrease recoil – show the gamer’s frame with their distance, position, and the rival’s HP. Although Tencent – Bluehole constantly releases updates to fix bugs and extreme punishments, they have not resolved all thoroughly.