PUBG Mobile adds Victor to the Battlegrounds through update 0.14.0. Find out how to unlock Victor and learn about his levels, skills, and outfits.

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PUBG Mobile Victor is the latest character added to the game via update 0.14.0. Victor is ready to go with you in epic matches. He is equipped with unique skills that help you conquer enemies in combat.

As you know, PUBG Mobile 0.14.0 update has just come to global servers, bringing various new content and features. Among them, Victor could be the main focus! So now, let’s spend a few minutes checking out this new character!

PUBG Mobile 0.14.0 update introduces Victor to all players

In PUBG Mobile 0.14.0, players can play as Victor. He has unique skills, nice voice messages, and other elements, for instance, exclusive outfits as well as the number of levels to unlock. Before you play as Victor, you may want to know how to get him!

PUBG Mobile Released Victor
PUBG Mobile Released Victor

To unlock Victor, you must log in to the game and go to the limited-time event on the menu. You will see the event called It’s The Day and when you watch the video or explore other items in relation to this character, you will then unlock him for free. Through the video, you can dig deeper into Victor’s life and you will know that he has a passion for using submachine guns.

What skills, levels, and outfits does Victor have?

Victor in PUBG Mobile is a submachine gun geek. This means he loves using submachine guns to defeat opponents. His skills are impressive, but, they only work in EvoGround, for instance, Infection mode, Zombie: Survive Till Dawn, and Zombie: Darkest Night modes.

When Victor is at level 1, he can reload his gun fast. However, at level 9, the reloading time will drop down by 10%. The debuff on RT is suitable for the EvoGround modes, excluding for Team Deathmatch in Arena mode. You can also play as Victor in classic matches, even though his distinctive possibilities are not activated in those matches.

PUBG Mobile Released Victor
PUBG Mobile Released Victor

Every level you unlock for Victor gains you new features. For example, at level 2, you will obtain new voice messages, at level 3, you can speed up his reloading time, while level 10 gives you a great MVP emote.

Victor is provided with impressive outfits. Make sure you check all PUBG Mobile skins for Victor and put new outfits on him to make him more good-looking. Make sure you collect enough XP when you play with Victor. Then, you can use your XP to buy new skins and cool items in the store.

Currently, there are several certain voice messages, with clothes, and emotes that cannot be unlocked in the level route. You have to buy them using your UC. Hence, try your best to complete missions to get more UC or you can get it with your real money.

Tencent Games will introduce more characters with other stuff in PUBG Mobile. So, stay tuned to them and keep track of all the latest news with updates to experience new content.