It’s simple to get the detailed comparison PUBG Mobile vs. PUBG Mobile Lite game if you don’t know which one is better! It’ll focus on the most exciting points.

PUBG Mobile Vs. PUBG Mobile Lite

PUBG Mobile is an addictive PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds which goes mobile. It is a Battle Royale game that you can play on your device without difficulty.

Meanwhile, PUBG Mobile Lite is a game that is built with Unreal Engine 4. It is the version of PUBG Mobile. It is really appropriate for even more apps and it is made the best use of less RAM without affecting the gameplay experience of the players but gathered millions of loyal gamers throughout the real world. PUBG Mobile Lite will bring a smaller map which is reserved for 40 participants. In other words, PUBG Mobile Lite is a faster-paced title that is based on the traditional PUBG style.

If you have ever engaged in the PC version of the original PUBG steam, in various methods, that generates the similar feeling you will perceive when joining PUBG Mobile.

It is stated that when the Android software is being developed, there were some limitations faced. Nevertheless, the PUBG hype is still quite high. It seems that it will soon change. It is caused because there are more and more competitors who will be attracted by Tencent by introducing their new PUBG Mobile Lite CH Play for the low-specs smartphone users. It will allow every Android owner to involve in the most intense matches.

We will spend time with dissimilarities between PUBG Mobile Lite and PUBG Mobile games to comprehend why they become popular. You should take a look at the features of PUBG Mobile, which are not active on PCs. They are useful for comparison.

PUBG Mobile Features

It is free to download and enjoy PUBG Mobile Tencent! It offers lots of awesome trips, along with bonuses that you can obtain without paying a penny, and daily rewards, crates, levels, and so on.

  • PUBG Mobile provides both rooms: TPP and FPP. But, you can look for other game modes easily.
  • The minimap on the battlefield will show the range indicators.
  • If you compare it to the PUBG PC, its HUD and controls are not similar to reworked taste.
  • The interior part of PUBG Mobile game is redesigned, with glassless windows and other interesting items.
  • Direction indicators in your PUBG pc game are ready on the minimap and HUD.

They are only a few outstanding features which are supplied by PUBG Mobile. We will come to the newest edition of PUBG – PUBG Mobile Lite.

PUBG Mobile Lite

Currently, PUBG Mobile Lite is inspired by PUBG pc download game which is available in the Philippines after being successfully tested in Thailand. Keep calm! It will be quickly released in the rest. At present, you can uncover some features of PUBG Mobile Lite without charges and see whether if it can grant the same excitement as the official PUBG Mobile or not.

PUBG Mobile Lite Features

Once you operate PUBG Mobile Lite pc game, you can find that the game visuals are not different from the ones of PUBG Mobile. It is on the splash and login screens due to they are completely indistinguishable. It is identical to the situation for the matchmaking screen.

Android players who have ever hopped into the PUBG Mobile download pc versions that were launched before 0.7.0 are almost acquainted with the game environment.

At the moment, we have several features by PUBG Mobile Lite and how dissimilar they are to the real mobile form, PUBG Mobile.

Few People

It is one of the most noticeable differences when you consider two mobile apps of PUBG pc download free. Contrasting PUBG Mobile (the official which contains 100 contestants), PUBG Mobile Lite only has 40 persons who parachute onto a graphically rich 2×2 km island

Game Modes

Game Modes

You can say that there are very few modes in the version if it is put together with the original PUBG Mobile Lite. The basics consist of Squad, Duo, and Solo in TPP. Although it is not good for a start, it’s hoped that Tencent will add more in the near future.


The map area of PUBG Mobile Lite CH Play game is not as large as the one of PUBG Mobile. It looks like a mini version of Erangel.

But, the shrinking will help the performance of smartphones will be improved a lot.



The graphics of PUBG Mobile Lite is tweaked slightly. In fact, you may not want to waste your time to pay attention to changes because playing PUBG mobile on your tool will display all strengths or weaknesses of the graphics.



PUBG Mobile Lite game is superior. The capacity of PUBG Mobile Lite is much less than PUBG Mobile. It just occupies approximately 380MB. If you are interested in the gradually increasing capacity of PUBG Mobile, the Lite version can be the top option.