PUBG Mobile 0.13 update introduces a new gameplay mode called Team Deathmatch. Discover every feature that you receive and play the favorite style right now!

Team Deathmatch in PUBG Mobile

Team Deathmatch is a game mode available in PUBG Mobile game after the patch note 0.13 was kicked off. Aside from the information about weapons from that version such as the Bizon SMG or Kar98k, we will have the chance to provide the details of another interesting part related to the Team Deathmatch mode.

Before you hop into the new room, you do not forget to download PUBG Mobile 0.13.0 update! After you install, you will be allowed to launch the battle you want. It is easy to complete that step before the global release. Besides, you can check PUBG Mobile with any app below:


In fact, Team Deathmatch or TDM in PUBG Mobile game is not completely a mode not existing before. You can realize something similar if you have ever engaged in games like Call of Duty, in which, the match will be played by two teams. These players will have to fight against each other to score and the first group collecting 40 points will be claimed as the winner. The result that they achieve will be based on killing the enemy.

Features of Team Deathmatch PUBG Mobile

TDM in the latest PUBG Mobile update will offer plenty of amazing advantages.

Automatic health regeneration

It is a piece of Team Deathmatch PUBG Mobile that you might have found in Zombie Darkest Night. When the current ability is activated, it will regenerate your HP gradually. It will be full if you wait for enough. Therefore, you can hide to regain your energy if you are damaged. It is an exciting section in Team Deathmatch PUBG Mobile. Try to master it and you will rank up sooner!


The main aim of PUBG Mobile is to be the last standing man. So, it is important for all characters to survive until the challenge ends. Although you will not entirely immortal, you will re-spawn when you fall down. It is identical to the War mode, isn’t it? It is not. If you take part in the War mode, you can see that somebody can choose to land any area on the PUBG Mobile map once she or he dies. Nevertheless, in TDM, there is a spawn spot for each people. After you are destroyed, you will appear one more time at your assigned spawn position. At present, you can think of spawn point campers. The answer will be you can become indestructible for a few initial seconds. It will dispirit those persons as when the offspring you can eliminate them but they cannot harm you after you pop up.

A PUBG Mobile playfield for Team Deathmatch

The other location reserved for Team Deathmatch PUBG Mobile has been rolled out. It is known as Warehouse. When the 0.13.0 update is gettable, it is the sole battleground for TDM. Despite PUBG Mobile will be releasing maps for the same game mode in the following period.

Team Deathmatch Inventory

Team Deathmatch Inventory

You will embark on Team Deathmatch PUBG Mobile with a gun. In addition, you can pick up any armaments, scopes, or attachments that you like from within the Team Spawn zone. In case you are wielding an M416 and died, you can again switch the M416 with an AKM in the succeeding turn. Furthermore, there will be M249 LMG instead of airdrops. It will be scattered somewhere at the center. It is a formidable type of firearms.

Achievements & Statistics

Dissimilar to any other mode in PUBG Mobile 0.13.0 Update, except for Classic, where you can notice the way you acted through the statistics, for example, your K/D Ratio or the number of kills and more. You can search for your friend’s stats for the TDM. Moreover, you can unlock different achievements after you fulfill quests.