Tencent launches the download link for beta 0.8.5 of PUBG Global version

PUBG Mobile Global version is about to be upgraded to version 0.8.5 and the beta version of it is accessible for now. There is no denying that PUBG mobile is gradually getting more and more popular all over the world. The ones who are the big fans of survival shooter game genre won’t skip a chance to explore PUBG game on their mobile devices. With the new updated version, surely PUBG mobile will bring a better gaming experience to all the fans!

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About the updated version 0.8.5 of PUBG Mobile

This new version will be a premise for the appearance of version 0.2 after at least 2 more months. At this point, the beta 0.8.5 will already have a link to download. Feel free to click to download the game if you are interested in it.  Aside from that, you can also totally send your feedback or make a contact with the development team at here.

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Tencent already made an official announcement on what’s new in this version 0.8.5. The developers said that it wouldn’t bring new content speculated to appear in the upcoming version 0.9 by the gamers. The updated version 0.8.5 aims to fix all the bugs in the previous version 0.8 and also it helps upgrade the anti-cheat system. In addition, Tencent also wants to gather all the feedback comments of the gaming community via this update in order to complete and make PUBG much better. At present, besides developing PUBG Mobile Global version Tencent still keeps the other two versions of the game operate in China developed by Timi Studios and Lightspeed & Quantum.

PUBG Mobile

The previous updated version 0.8 of PUBG Mobile was already released on September 12th with some new interesting content, like the Sanhok map, the rifle gun QBZ, the sniper M24, Flare Gun, UAZ – armored vehicle, 2 Muscle vehicles, etc. They are already officially released worldwide on App Store and Google Play. With the upcoming updated version 0.9 of the game, the players will also have a chance to experience some new content, like Rony – a pickup truck, first-person perspective when driving a vehicle, QBU – a type of sniper rifle gun, dancing grenades, the effect of time shift, the night vision support accessories and so forth.

Hurry up to check out and download the beta 0.8.5 of PUBG Mobile now! A new gaming experience is awaiting you ahead! Hope you have a lot of fun with this new updated version.