The updated version 0.8 of PUBG Mobile International will be coming out in a few forthcoming days

Are you ready for the updated version 0.8 of PUBG Mobile International version? You will experience so much new content with interesting features, especially the map called Snahok! Let’s grab a chance to have a deeper look at this updated version 0.8!

PUBG Mobile version 0.8

At the moment, PUBG Mobile 0.8 international version is still in the beta phase, which moves the gamers closer to the official release date. This is considered as one of the most anticipated updates thanks to the new map Sanhok! This new map is inspired by a lot of famous tourist attractions in Southeast Asian.

Lots of players have experienced the new content of the game in the beta version. The new update focuses on some new features, such as the new map called Sanhok, a new weapon called QBZ and a Flare Gun. They are all new features added to the game via this update. In addition, some bugs will be fixed too, and more missions at the Event section will also be attached to the game.

You can check out some detailed information about the new features as well as enjoy some images in the game:

Information About The New Features

With the smaller 4×4 area, Sanhok drags the players into an unstoppable gunfight, making it the hottest map in PUBG Mobile. People, who are more interested in FPS element rather than survival element, they will surely spend a lot of time conquering this map.

QBZ is a kind of gun that has the lower jerking rate than other rifles that are used for attacking. When the gun chamber is upgraded to contain 40 bullets, QBZ95 is completely able to become a real destroyer! Furthermore, when you carry it into a ranged combat, it can work like a DMR if you set it to the Semi-Auto mode. About the damage, QBZ85 has some indexes that are nearly the same as M4A1 or SCAR-L. But with the less jerking rate as well as a decent shooting speed, this kind gun is much better than its peers.


Flare Gun is classified as a common weapon. When you pick it up, it will be positioned in a pistol slot. Every single Flare Gun is armed with only one bullet but the players can pick up more than one if they’re lucky. When using it, the gamer has to aim as high as possible. If you aim at the ground or you aim too low, the gun will become useless. At the aerial stop, an airplane will fly over and drop a special Airdrop box at this right location.

Flare Gun